SP: 1O65 16:23 Rugby to Gatwick Airport

SP: 1O65 16:23 Rugby to Gatwick Airport

12th October 2022 3 By Sami Pitfield

Hello and thanks for looking at this scenario for Danny’s South London to Brighton Route Merge.

Description: Take 319004 from Latchmere Junction on the last portion of its journey to Gatwick Airport. You will have to navigate through a busy South London on this lovely early summer evening in 1999.


Difficulty: Easy (Green)
Start Time: 18:03
Start Location: Latchmere Junction
Traction: 319004
Service: 1O65 16:23 Rugby to Gatwick Airport
Date: Summer 1999
Scenario Length:


To install this scenario simply extract the ‘content’ folder provided and drag and drop it into your ‘RailWorks’ directory.


Danny’s South London to Brighton Route Merge
Class 421 ‘4CIG’ EMU
Class 423 ‘4VEP’ EMU

Armstrong Powerhouse (And their dependencies):
Class 319 Vol 2 EMU Pack
Class 455 Vol 1 Enhancement Pack
Class 456 EMU Pack
Class 411 ‘4CEP’ Pack
Class 205 ‘Thumper’ DEMU Pack
Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack
Weather Enhancement Pack

Freeware (And their dependencies):
Class 421 & 423 Connex Reskin Pack:

Class 421 SWT Reskin:

Class 421 South West Trains

The ‘*’ means this DLC is only used for static AI/trains or/and is not needed to play the scenario but is recommended.

If any requirements have been missed, please let me know and I will sort it out.
Enjoy the scenario!
Sami Pitfield