Class 80x extra equipments patch

Class 80x extra equipments patch

2nd January 2022 10 By WatsonPD

This patch adds the following to the Class 800-803
-newly modelled bogies on 9 car units coach 4 & 6 (TS & TpS)
-newly modelled car-to-car cables
-exhaust pipe on roof
-main power cable on roof
-small resistor grid for 800,801 & 803
-large resistor bank for 802
-SIM boxes

This patch applies to all liveries
You may need to back up your original file.

-AP Class 800-803 EP
BH Reskins Class 800 liveries on ATS


Update Log:
2022/1/7 – added new bogies and patch applied to Hitachi livery
2022/4/29 – now with main power cables between cars connected
2022/7/29 – added new underframe stuff, fixed door lights on coach 4&6 (sort of)
2022/11/22 – patch applied to LW Lily’s livery