GOLD STAR TRAINS® Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Pack


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GOLD STAR TRAINS® Proudly Presents – The MPV Rail Head Treatment Pack v2.0


This pack brings to life the MPV in Train Simulator and was carefully constructed consulting a Network Rail operator at every step along the way. The vehicle controls are accurate, as is its behaviour. The sounds for this pack were recorded professionally at a dedicated MPV recording session on a fine summer afternoon and are provided courtesy of Legomanbiffo in conjunction with GST.

Available now, the MPV Rail Head Treatment Pack (RHTT). A stunning pack which features a comprehensive set of RHTT MPV’s, extremely detailed driver and operator consoles (with 100+ interactive elements, including GSM-R, operator touch screen interface and working centre LCD instrument display), Trans 1 and Trans 2 unit consist types, fully working APU and Jetter modules for spraying, a unique Module Loading System so you can specify exactly what modules the units are loaded with and genuine professionally recorded MPV sounds. The pack also comes with branding approved by Network Rail.

Boasting a whopping 37 pre-load consists ranging from the early Railtrack units with BMAC 1st generation light clusters right through to Network Rail with BMAC 3rd generation clusters every numbered unit is available to drive. These also include the Network Rail South West Trains named units, ‘Chris Lemon‘, ‘John Denyer‘, ‘Nigel Cummins‘ and ‘Dick Preston‘. The pack literally includes every slight variation of liveries worn by these units over the years.


Included Vehicle Numbers

Trans 1s (2 Prime Movers)


DR98901 + DR98951, DR98902 + DR98952, DR98903 + DR98953, DR98904 + DR98954, DR98905 + DR98955, DR98906 + DR98956, DR98907 + DR98957, DR98908 + DR98958, DR98909 + DR98959, DR98910 + DR98960, DR98911 + DR98961, DR98912 + DR98962, DR98913 + DR98963, DR98914 + DR98964: Dick Preston (Orange), DR98915 + DR98965: Nigel Cummins (Grey), DR98916 + DR98966

DR98917 + DR98967, DR98918 + DR98968, DR98919 + DR98969, DR98920 + DR98970, DR98921 + DR98971, DR98922 + DR98972, DR98923 + DR98973: Chris Lemon (Yellow), DR98924 + DR98974, DR98915 + DR98975


Trans 2s (2 X 2 Prime Movers)


DR98926 + DR98976: John Denyer (Pink), DR98927 + DR98977, DR98928 + DR98978, DR98929 + DR98979, DR98930 + DR98980, DR98931 + DR98981, DR98932 + DR98982


We hope you have as much enjoyment from this pack as we have had making it.


Scenario Requirements

Tutorial Scenario

ATS Chat Moss – Manchester Stations to Liverpool Lime Street via the Chat Moss

*Please Note* this tutorial can be found under “Academy > Tutorials” from the main menu of Train Simulator Classic 


3S09 10.43 Chester to Wigan Springs Branch

ATS Chat Moss – Manchester Stations to Liverpool Lime Street via the Chat Moss

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Please note that items marked ‘*’ have their own individual requirements.

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