Kings Cross to Kings Lynn


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Route Description

From the quaint rural port town of Kings Lynn to the bustling hub of train services in Eastern England at London Kings Cross, the new Kings Cross to Kings Lynn route offers players a vast variety of scenery and settings from bustling mainlines, smaller intercity lines and even single track affairs. This new product offers players over 50 miles of brand new route and further 50 that has been upgraded featuring new foliage, infrastructure and overhead line. This comes together as a stunning 100 mile package distilling the essence of Great Northern services old and new. The route also adds a great deal of potential for freight services such as the Middleton Towers Stone trains. When coupled with the ATS Cambridge to Peterborough, a world of possibility is unlocked allowing simulation of East Coast diverts via Cambridge for the first time, Stone trains to Whitemoor, Container services and more. There’s lots to explore and enjoy for any train sim fan no matter their preference.

Points of interest:

Keep your eyes peeled for: – The ‘Mighty’ London Kings Cross – Hitchin Flyover – Letchworth Garden City Station – Royston Station – Meldreth Station – Shepreth Station – Foxton Station – Cambridge Station – Cambridge North Station  – Ely Station – Ely Disused Level Crossing (Lights still flash) – Littleport Station – Downham Market Station – Watlington Station – Kings Lynn Station


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Peterborough to Cambridge Owners:

If you previously own Peterborough to Cambridge, and now have purchased Kings Cross to Kings Lynn, you will receive both routes as a merge but also, as an extra bonus, will also receive an updated version of Hitchin to Peterborough (via Huntingdon and Sandy). This has been updated with new overhead line and “High Speed” Level Crossings.


Route Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2021 +
  • East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On
  • Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route Add-On
  • South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth Route Add-On
  • Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack)


Included Scenarios:

3 “Full Run” scenarios have been included with Kings Cross to Kings Lynn (one starting from Kings Cross and the other two from Kings Lynn). Made by the lovely Matt Carroll of WTT Scenarios, all 3 scenarios run for the entire length of the route from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn (or vice-versa) via Cambridge.

The 3 scenarios are as follows (In game, they will begin with the abbreviation “ATS”):

1T32 1444 King’s Cross – King’s Lynn (Class 365 – Kings Cross to Kings Lynn)

1T13 0725 King’s Lynn – King’s Cross (Class 387 – Kings Lynn to Kings Cross)

1T77 1836 King’s Lynn – King’s Cross (Class 387 – Kings Lynn to Kings Cross)


Scenario Requirements:

Requirements for the Scenarios are as follows:

  • AP Class 158 EP (Cummins) #
  • AP Class 170 EP #
  • AP Class 317 EMU
  • AP Class 365 EP #
  • AP Class 377/379/387 EP #
  • AP Class 43 EP (MTU) #
  • AP Class 66 EP #
  • AP Class 67 EP #
  • AP Class 90 & Mark 3 DVT Pack
  • AP Class 90 Freightliner Pack
  • AP Class 91 EP #
  • AP Wherry Lines Route
  • AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
  • AP Sky & Weather EP (Update 15/07/21 or Later)
  • Alan Thomson Sim LNER/VTEC 91 Pack #
  • Alan Thomson Sim LNER/VTEC HST Pack #
  • Steam: Class 66 (EWS)
  • Steam: Class 66 (Freightliner)
  • Steam: Class 91
  • Steam: Class 159 (NSE)
  • Steam: Class 170
  • Steam: Class 180
  • Steam: Chatham Main Line and Medway Valley Route
  • DB Cargo Class 90 Pack #
  • Class 180 Update Complete (by Chris Horsfield) #


# Note that these products have their own individual requirements.