Just Trains Newcastle to Edinburgh


This finely detailed route covers some 125 miles of the East Coast Main Line between Newcastle and Edinburgh, passing through 17 accurately detailed main line stations and four branch line stations.

The route features numerous custom buildings and objects, nine repaints for three loco types, a set of Just Trains Mk.1 carriages in maroon and all-new Just Trains modern LED signals and overhead catenary.

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The East Coast mainline runs from London to Edinburgh and then on up to Aberdeen. The total length of the whole route is 393 miles. The section covered in this TS2015 route expansion pack runs from Newcastle to Edinburgh – a distance of approximately 125 miles.


  • Authentic reproduction of the East Coast Mainline from Newcastle to Edinburgh
  • Route class: Modern
  • Route length: approximately 125 miles
  • 17 mainline and four branch line stations
  • Beautifully detailed and immersive scenery along the northeast coast of England and southern Scotland
  • Custom-built buildings and objects
  • Nine locomotive repaints and Just Trains Mk.1 coaches in maroon
  • Nine Standard and four Free Roam scenarios
  • Route is Quick Drive enabled
  • Just Trains all-new modern LED signals
  • Just Trains all-new overhead catenary (OHLE)
  • Just Trains Voyager Advanced NRN function enabled

Important: Newcastle to Edinburgh Mainline is compatible with TS2015. If you purchased Train Simulator after 20th September 2012 then you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack and the US Loco & Asset Pack (available to purchase via Steam) for the route to display correctly.

Note: Additional stock (not supplied) is required to enable all the scenarios to be operated. Please see the scenario details and System Requirements sections below for details.


  • Newcastle Central
  • Manors
  • Cramlington
  • Morpeth
  • Pegswood
  • Widdrington
  • Acklington
  • Alnmouth
  • Chathill
  • Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Dunbar
  • Drem
  • Longniddry
  • Prestonpans
  • Wallyford
  • Musselburgh
  • Edinburgh Waverley


  • Leith Docks
  • North Berwick


  • Brunstane
  • Newcraighall


  • Edinburgh Waverley station with transparent glass roof
  • Castle wall ruins at Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Berwick Bridge
  • Royal Tweed Bridge
  • Craigentinny depot
  • Craigentinny wheel lathe depot/Portobello depot
  • Dunbar Parish Church
  • The Mound Tunnels
  • Acklington station waiting room
  • Alnmouth and Chathill signal boxes
  • Station buildings – Stannington, Widdrington, Morpeth and Chathill
  • Heaton depot
  • Morpeth Canopy
  • Chathill shelter
  • Station signs
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Numerous custom objects – miscellaneous signs, speed signs, lileposts, plant pots, station furniture such as seats, escalators, phone boxes, luggage trolleys, benches and much more


To help make the route more authentic, we have supplied the following repaints of default locomotives that you will see as AI; they can also be used for driving as well.

Class 43 (HST 125)

  • National Express
  • East Coast Transition
  • East Coast
  • Virgin Trains

Class 47

  • FWS
  • RES
  • Western Coast Railways

Class 166

  • First Scottish Railways
  • Northern Railways

Just Trains Mk1 Carriages

  • Maroon


  • Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot
  • Brunton airfield
  • Torness nuclear power station
  • Cockenzie power station
  • Oxwellmains cement works
  • Millerhill Yard
  • Craigentinny wheel lathe
  • Craigentinny Service Delivery Depot


Standard scenarios

Note: The majority of scenarios use default Train Simulator stock, however the following locomotives are required for certain scenarios to run correctly:

  • Just Trains – Class 20 Advanced
  • Just Trains – Voyager Advanced
  • Steam – Class 91

Class 91 – Early Bird to London
Requires: Steam – Class 91 pack
Duration: 100 mins

Drive a Class 91 on the 05:48 Edinburgh-King Cross service between Edinburgh and Newcastle.

First Train of the Day
Requires: Default Train Simulator stock
Duration: 125 minutes

You begin by working the 3Y14 ‘staff train’, the 04:50 from Newcastle to Berwick, before working the 06:00 first train, 1Y14, as far as Newcastle on the Berwick-Kings Cross service.

JT 20 – Clearing the Leaves

Requires: Class 20 Advanced (Just Trains)
Duration: 100 minutes

Drive a pair of DRS Class 20s on one of the autumn RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) workings that heads from Newcastle to Little Mill LC (Alnmouth) throughout the week. You are working train 3S77.

JT AD Voyager – Working the Coast, Part One
Requires: Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
Duration: 90 minutes

Drive Cross Country Voyager 1S37 on the 05:20 Plymouth-Edinburgh service between Newcastle and Edinburgh. In Part Two you will work 1V68 on the 15:08 return service to Plymouth – you’ll have a good afternoon working the coast!

JT AD Voyager – Working the Coast, Part Two

Requires: Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
Duration: 90 minutes

Drive Class 221 Super Voyager 1V68 between Edinburgh and Newcastle on the returning 15:08 Edinburgh-Plymouth service.

JT AD Voyager – Working the Coast, Part Three

Requires: Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
Duration: 70 minutes

You are required to work a failed unit from Tweedmouth to Heaton Depot. Thankfully the fitter decided that the unit was in a fit state to continue at reduced power.

Last Train South

Requires: Default Train Simulator stock
Duration: 100 minutes

Drive East Coast HST 1E30 from Edinburgh to Newcastle on the 18:18 Aberdeen-Leeds service. This is today’s last service to head south of Newcastle.

The Christmas Cracker

Requires: Default Train Simulator stock
Duration: 180 minutes

Drive 55022 ‘Royal Scots Grey’ on the ‘Christmas Cracker’ railtour from Edinburgh to Newcastle. This is a recreation of the real run which took place on 7 December 2012.

Deltic Aberdonian Railtour

Requires: Default Train Simulator stock
Duration: 110 minutes

On 12 April 2014 55002, newly restored and passed for main line operation, took a special service north from York along some of its old stomping grounds to Aberdeen. You will drive the Newcastle-Edinburgh section in this scenario.

Free Roam scenarios

Requires: Included High Speed Train East Coast

Edinburgh – Voyager
Requires: Just Trains Voyager Advanced 220 CC A (DMF)

Requires: Included Class 166 repaint

Newcastle – Voyager
Requires: Just Trains Voyager Advanced 220 CC A (DMF)


The East Coast Main Line runs north from London to Edinburgh and then up to Aberdeen. The total length of the route is 393 miles.

This major artery on the eastern side of Great Britain runs largely parallel to the A1 trunk road. It handles cross-country, commuter and local passenger services as well as passenger traffic running north and south of the England-Scotland border. Heavy tonnages of freight traffic are also carried on the route.

The section of the East Coast Main Line covered in this add-on runs from Newcastle to Edinburgh, and this part of the route was constructed by two railway companies: the North British Railway from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed and the North Eastern Railway south of that point.

The route was electrified using 25 kV AC overhead lines in two phases between 1976 and 1991. The first phase, between Kings Cross and Hitchin, was carried out between 1976 and 1978,

The second phase began in 1984 to electrify the route all the way up to Edinburgh. Work started in 1985, and the section between Hitchin and Peterborough was completed in 1987. Electrification reached Doncaster and York in 1989, Newcastle by 1990 and Edinburgh in 1991.

The InterCity 225 rolling stock was introduced in the late 1980s to work the newly electrified line.

Most of the line is speed rated for 125 mph (200 km/h) operation and was the fastest main line in the UK until High Speed 1 opened. These high speeds are possible because much of the route is fairly straight track on the flatter eastern regions of England.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2019If you purchased Train Simulator after 20th September 2012 then you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack and the US Loco & Asset Pack (available to purchase via Steam) for the route to display correctly.
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 512MB RAM (1GB for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista)
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 2GB hard drive space

Note: For certain scenarios to run correctly the following locomotives are required: Just Trains Class 20 Advanced, Just Trains Voyager Advanced, Class 91 Pack (Steam).