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ATS Routes AP Signal EP Patch

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Current Version: v1.2

Latest Update Date: 03/09/2023

—- Version 1.2 —- 03/09/2023 —-

Update for new signal varients provided in ATS Common.

—- Version 1.1 —- 01/06/2023 —-

Updates several items across multiple routes.

—- Version 1.0 —- 15/04/2023 —-

  • Combining all the patches into one location.
  • Inclusion of missing .bin files
Cambridge to Peterborough

Latest Update Date: 29/09/2023

—- Version 1.0.3 —- 29/09/2023 —-

  • Updates to ATS Common Library

—- Version 1.0.0 —- 24/09/2020 —-

Initial Release

Chat Moss

Current Version 1.1.1

Latest Update Date: 28/09/2023

—- Version 1.1.1 —- 28/09/2023 —-

  • Scenario Fixes – Folder Issue Fixed

—- Version 1.1.0 —- 19/09/2023 —-

  • Updates to ATS Common Library
  • Missing Signal
  • Scenario Fixes
  • Scenarios changed to use AP Class 800 EP

—- Version 1.0.0 —- 30/07/2021 —-

Initial Release

Class 185

Current Software Version – v1.1.0

Last Update Date: 20/10/2021

—- Version 1.1.0 —- 20/10/2021 —-

Fixed: Doors fail to interlock after changing ends in certain circumstances after TS2022 update

Fixed: Headlights switch off after midnight

Fixed: RPM fails to rise on certain machines after TS2022 update

Fixed: GSMR Volume fails to disappear after changes

Fixed: Doors getting stuck if close button triggered too quickly

Fixed: Doors failing to respect door key status if train extended beyond platform

Fixed: Audio occlusion in pass view

Fixed: Issue with headlights not showing at night

Added: Additional paths added to the PIS systems

Added: Additional livery – 185111, Victoria Cross Heroes

Added: Support for Cumbrian Coast route added to announcements

Added: New headlights in refurbished model

Added: DRA Isolation functionality

Please note the following temporary workaround to a known error below;

-Class 323 reskin contained in the extra stock pack. This issue can be fixed running the product installer and then running the included batch file (185ExtraStock.bat) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\railworks\Assets

—- Version 1.0.0 —-

Initial Release

Kings Lynn – Kings Cross

Current Route Version: v1.0.3

Latest Update Date: 29/09/2023

—- Version 1.0.3 —- 29/09/2023 05:00

  • Updates to ATS Common Library

—- Version 1.0.2 —- 02/06/2022 20:00

  • It is advisable that all scenarios made on V1.01 or lower are checked due to
    certain changes made to the track (around Finsbury Park and Cambridge).
  • Revised position of Cambridge P1/4 crossover and associated signalling.
  • Revised junction to the north of Finsbury Park P1/2/3.
  • Various platform extensions to better match reality.
  • Widescale stop marker additions to stations.
  • Tidy up of some erroneous OHLE.
  • Added Brighton Mainline as a requirement in preparation for future stages.

—- Version 1.0.1 —- 20/09/2021 23:30

  • Vegetation removed from level crossing north of Watlington.
  • Occlusion added underneath platforms at Downham Market and Watlington.
  • Floating ground signal repositioned at Downham Market.
  • Added route markers between King’s Lynn and Littleport.
  • New Gatelines at King’s Lynn.
  • Added night lighting and further clutter to King’s Lynn station.
  • Petrol station at King’s Lynn reduced in height.
  • Reduced width of cycle path and moved trees at Shelford Junction.
  • Fixed water at Ely Marina/Canal
  • Added fencing near Royston (and Royston station).
  • Moved signals at Cambridge P3 to accommodate 8 coach trains.
  • Switched a ground signal from 1T to 2T at Cambridge.
  • Hitchin Signals K697 and K699 amended.
  • Vegetation removed from Hitchin Flyover.
  • Changes to Letchworth station and surrounding scenery.
  • Bike shelter rebaked and platform edge fixed at Cambridge North.
  • Added scenery to Barrington Sidings.
  • Added buer lights to Foxton Siding.
  • Added neutral section near Cambridge North.

—- Version 1.0.0 —- 14/09/2021

Initial Release

Leeds Lines Merge

Current Route Version: v1.2.5

Latest Update Date: 03/09/2023

—- Version 1.2.5 —- 03/09/2023

  • Updates to ATS Common

—- Version 1.2.4 —- 16/04/2023

  • Fixes for Level Crossing Pack

—- Version 1.2.3 —- 26/03/2023

  • Fixes for Level Crossing Pack

—- Version 1.2.2 —- 25/03/2023

  • Fix Missing Signal P493, North of Peterborough

—- Version 1.2.1 —-

  • Markers now in main download.
  • Fixed Speed limit on Peterborough Down fast (again)
  • Added missing files to download
  • Most level crossing on ECML section swapped for high speed versions

—- Version 1.2.0 —-

  • Resignalled Loversall Carr Jn – Colton Jn Incl Doncaster Station Area
  • Replaced all remaining Kuju signals and JT with UKpro/ATS signals
  • Speed Limits Redone on Creative Rail Section
  • Corrected AWS magnet distances for some signals on Creative Rail Section
  • Added Neutral sections Present on York to KGX
  • Replaced Hitchin Flyover Model with the one Used in KGX-KLN
  • added signal cages to relevent signals
  • numerous signal changes to more closely match the signal types used IRL and to amend signal positioning, missing signals
  • Removal of all remaining JT assets replacing them with alternatives
  • JT Common Library and Newcastle to Edinburgh Requirements Removed, DTG Huddersfield Line Requirement Added
  • Added Finsbury Park Down Slow 1 to Platform 1 Crossover
  • Trimmed Unused Scenary Tiles
  • Scenarios updated to use latest AP Packs

—- Version 1.1.2 —-

  • Installer Fix
  • Fixes issues with platforms

—- Version 1.0.0 —-

Initial Release

Missing Link

Current Route Version: v4.1.1

Latest Update Date: 28/09/2023

—- Version 4.1.1 —- 12/04/2022

  • ATS Common Library Update

—- Version 4.1.0 —- 12/04/2022

  • Alsager station model placement
  • Diverging speed limit at Yarnfield incorrectly set
  • Barthomley Jn Up & Dn signal was unnumbered
  • TAB required into Crewe from CE121
  • Colwich – Stone inability to patch freight services
  • CE192 AWS ramp not linked with signal
  • SOT273 missing AWS ramp
  • Esso Sidings Longport – added yard exit signal
  • Stop car markers at Kidsgrove added
  • SOT272 missing AWS ramp
  • Speed signs around Bridgeford corrected
  • Trees in track between Hartford and Winsford
  • Crewe P5 20MPH sign corrected
  • CE119 and CE121 have no AWS
  • Missing fence on a bridge
  • OHL height gizmos causing milk bottles at Stoke-on-Trent removed
  • Longport track break fixed
  • Longport and Marcroft EMD resized
  • Kidsgrove station floating corrected
  • Bodgeit 325 removed from scenarios
  • Liverpool platforms corrected
  • Rogue OHL asset near Alsager removed
  • Increased DEM terrain near Kidsgrove
  • Trees removed from Up line near Penkridge
  • Signal protecting Derby line added

—- Version 4.0.0 —- 21/03/2022

  • Phase 4 Release – Stoke Loop

—- Version 3.0.0 —- 19/12/2020

  • Phase 3 – Birmingham New Street to Preston

—- Version 2.0.0 —- 04/02/2020

  • Phase 2 Release

—- Version 1.0.0 —-

Initial Release

Goldstar Trains MPV

Current Software Version – v2.0.1

Latest Update Date: 29/05/2023 23:30

—- Version 2.0.1 —- 21/03/2023

  • Fixed for compatibility with new Train Simulator Classic Core Update
  • New Laser Scanned 3rd Gen BMAC light cluster models added to later variants
  • Cab Auto-Initialise Added (CTRL+C)

—- Version 2.0.0 —- 21/03/2023

  • Track joint sounds added
  • Better cab occlusion
  • Final mix of audio levels improved (APU, Jetter module engines and spray reduced by 3Db)
  • Improved battery gauge texturing at rear of cab
  • Improved colour balance of running gear
  • Weathering applied to RHTT tanks
  • Exterior model interior cab window frames tidied
  • 1st generation BMAC light clusters rebuilt
  • Acceleration/physics improved (Now dependent on water levels in tanks)
  • OOM reload bug fixed (Finally!)
  • Bogies remodelled & retextured based on decent source
  • Flatbed remodelled & retextured based on decent source
  • Side detailing reworked based on excellent source (jumper plugs, pipes, hoses, signage etc)
  • Vehicle handrails put in correct position (cab front, sides, flatbed)
  • Vehicle overall dimensions adjusted in line with decent source
  • Cab rear seat texture added
  • Door hinge texture blended
  • Internal door handle position adjusted (was floating out by 2-3 inches)
  • Internal strip light housing triangle textures eliminated
  • Exterior cab model & texturing reworked
  • Module bases all reworked based on decent source
  • Inter-connecting cables revised based on source
  • Bug affecting walkway light numbers 2 & 3 on old style tanks fixed (would illuminate out of sequence)
  • Empty flatbed and railings reworked based on source
  • Pack rebuilt with 2 base models instead of 11 (!), variants provided with child objects
  • Liveries retextured and light weathering applied
  • 4 additional variants added (Trans 1 & 2 1st gen BMACS heavy weathering, and Clean Me! 3rd Gen Trans 1 & 2’s added)
  • Manual re-produced to include new model images
  • Water Dump feature added (CTRL + W toggle) to dump water
  • Pack images updated throughout
  • Wheel wobble eliminated from poorly aligned axles
  • Old cab variant removed (for now) with the intention of overhauling the cabs in the coming months
  • Pack size (GB) reduced by streamlining
  • Propshafts, Railpacs and gearboxes added to powered units
  • DVT units now have their own model with the correct running gear details on flatbed and bogies
  • Radiators added to powered units behind holes on flatbed sides
  • Master and slave units now have correct railing and grey box arrangements on rear of flatbed
  • Buffer front textures improved based on some nice source
  • APU beacon light rotation animation improved
  • Dog model added (CTRL + B) to toggle on/off
  • Auto Operator Function

—- Version 1.0.1 —-

– Tutorial Ctrl Stuck Fixed

– Unit base shadow fixed

– External model interior cab gaps fixed (inner ceiling sides/footwells)

Wiper sounds fixed

– Control desk switches sounds fixed

– Window open/close sound added

– Door open/slam sounds fixed

– GSMR button sounds fixed

– Sandite Module transform issue fixed

– Couplings transform issue fixed

– Front couplings distance adjusted

– Reverser lever sensitivity increased

– Wiper switch sensitivity descreased

– Visual alarms On/Off added (CTRL + H)

– South West Trains logo colour corrected (now white and orange)

– Red Flatbed hooks transform issue fixed

– Initial acceleration improved

– AI preload consist auto-lights edge case fixed

– Texture of cab front nuts/bolts enhanced

—- Version 1.0.0 —-

Initial Release