Alan Thomson Simulation  – Cambridge to Peterborough

Alan Thomson Simulation – Cambridge to Peterborough

24th September 2020 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation

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Route Description

Forming part of the Fen Line this route depicts the picturesque lines between Cambridge and Peterborough in 2018, encompassing stations such as Cambridge North, Waterbeach, Ely, Manea, March and Whittlesea and freight yards at Ely, Ely Papworth and Whitemoor.

The line sees a vast array of workings from Colas 37s test trains, LNER diverts alongside the bread and butter working of CrossCountry 170s and Greater Anglia DMUs. The lines around East Anglia are notably flat and thus this line has an abundance of different level crossings; from out of use examples at Ely, to modern Unipart Rail examples.

We’re also extremely proud to bring you the debut of Cambridge station in Train Simulator with a fantastic model depicting the feel of this bustling commuter hub. The route shows the wonderful contrast along this line from the modern electrified commuter runs at Cambridge and Peterborough, the serene ‘old worldy’ feel of Manea and it’s semaphore signaling, to the bustling freight workings around March and Whitemoor.  

Points of interest:

Keep your eyes peeled for: – Updated Peterborough station layout – King’s Dyke Brick Pits – Whittlesea Station – Whitemoor Yard – March Station – Manea Station – Ely Papworth Sidings – Ely Disused Level Crossing (Lights still flash) – Ely Station – Littleport Station – Cambridge North Station – Cambridge Station  

Level Crossings

Created by our very own Jake Fuller, included with this route is a plethora of modern level crossings and their associated parts. Ranging from AHBs (Automatic Half Barriers) and AOCLs (Automatic Open Crossing – Locally Monitored) to Full Barrier CCTV – MCB (Manually Controlled Barriers). Modern LED and the older Halogen Wig Wags are featured with a range of barrier types such as the more common “SPX” Variants as well as more modern styles, notably the Siemens “S60” (which is based on a more continental design). The pack also includes many Level Crossing related assets such as Road Signage, Cameras, Fences and Huts.


There are 5 included scenarios 1L30 0722 Birmingham New Street to Cambridge 1N65 1727 Stansted Airport to Birmingham New Street 1S16 1046 King’s Cross to Inverness (Divert) 4E62 0443 Felixstowe to Leeds FL.T (1998) 4L87 0851 Leeds FL.T to Felixstowe  

Route Requirements
  • Train Simulator 2020 +
  • East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On
  • Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route Add-On
  • South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth Route Add-On
  • Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack)
Scenario Requirements
  • AP Class 156 DMU
  • AP Class 158 EP (Cummins & Perkins)
  • AP Class 170 EP
  • AP Class 314/315 EMU
  • AP Class 365 EP
  • AP Class 37 Vol.2
  • AP Class 43 EP (MTU)
  • AP Class 66 EP
  • AP Class 91 EP
  • AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
  • AP JHA Wagon Pack
  • AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
  • AP JXA/POA Wagon Pack
  • AP Sky & Weather EP
  • Alan Thomson Sim LNER/VTEC 91 Pack
  • Alan Thomson Sim LNER/VTEC HST Pack
  • Alan Thomson Sim Maritime Class 66s
  • Steam: Class 66 (EWS)
  • Steam: Class 66 (Freightliner)
  • Steam: Class 91
  • Steam: Class 159 (NSE)
  • Steam: Class 170
  • Steam: Class 180
  • Steam: WCML Over Shap
  • Steam: European Loco & Asset Pack
  • JustTrains: Class 60
  • Superalbs Class 387 Great Northern
  • DPS (Richard Fletcher) Class 387 Thameslink
A staggering amount of work has gone into this route, and we give thanks to all of those involved.
  • Callum Renton
  • Matt Gooderson
  • Benammi Swift
  • Max Mortimer
  • Jake Fuller
  • Jordi (said he did not want to be credited but we have anyway)
  • Dom Cazaux
  • James Ivell
  • Matt Carroll
  • Chris Horsfield
  • AndiS
  • Armstrong Powerhouse
  • Gü Studios
  • Clowes
  • The beta testing team