Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack)

Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack)

12th April 2019 Off By SpeedyPete202

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The Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack) adds realistic OHLE to Train Simulator.

At present the pack is being used on a number of forthcoming routes for Train Simulator. These include;

  • WCML Midlands and Northwest (aka ‘Missing Link’) – (UK1 OHLE)
  • Leeds Lines (Doncaster to Leeds via Crossgates) – (Mk3a OHLE)
  • Northern Lines (electrified) – (Mk3a & Series 1 & 2 OHLE)
  • XCROUTE Birmingham to Bristol Updated – (UK1 + Series 2 OHLE)
  • North Staffordshire Railway (Crewe – Derby) – (UK1 OHLE)
  • WCML V 5.2 (UK1 OHLE)
  • South TPE (Cleethorpes to Sheffield) by Jake Fuller

The OHLE pack was created to add far more varied and realistic OHLE to Train Simulator. This version includes many of the assets found in the following forms of UK electrification;

– UK1
– Mk3a
– Series 1
– Series 2

The pack contains the following assets

  • 12 gantry styles

  • 22 portal styles

  • 24 hanger styles

  • Pulley, Tensorex and weighted style tensioners

  • Different styles of anchor points

  • Mid point anchors

  • OHNS (Overhead Neutral Section) assets

  • 4 styles of insulators

  • 7 Booster portal styles complete with integrated wiring

  • Return points and return posts in a variety of configurations

  • Catenary wire run assets

  • Multi wire hangers

  • Power feed sections

  • 3 wire colours (Grey, black and green)

The pack is designed to be as easy to use as possible whilst retain maximum flexibility. All assets are simply placed in game by pressing the TAB key while hovering over the track.

We hope you enjoy using this pack