ATS Launcher

ATS Launcher

14th September 2023 33 By Alan Thomson Simulation

The brand new ATS Launcher is here!

What does it do?

The Launcher is our new home for ATS Payware and Subware content, making it easier than ever before to download and update on your PC. We can add new features over the air (blimey that phrase sounds retro) and there’s a whole load in the pipeline. But for now, get it downloaded and get using it. It can even launch Train Simulator for you with custom launch options in a less fiddly way (this feature is subscriber only).

Launch Screen

This page is available to subscribers only. From here you can launch TS and use various launch options without having to find up and edit your exe links!

Install ATS Content Screen

On this page you will get the latest updates and be able to install all of your ATS created payware and subware products. You will be prompted to update the product if an update is available.

Non Subscribers

You will only be able to view the install content page.