ATS Class 700/717 Patch

ATS Class 700/717 Patch

30th January 2022 17 By MaxTracks

This patch makes the following changes to the DTG Class 700:

Class 717 (new v1.4):
– Added Class 717 consist with new external cab front, courtesy of Michael Dono

– Replaced cab, horn and run sounds with those from the AP 450
– Replaced DC sounds using AP 450 sound set, with custom mix for 30mph pitch change
– Replaced AC sounds with custom sound set
– Replaced door open / close sounds with custom
– Replaced air-con sound in cab with custom
– Added idle hum sounds for both AC and DC modes, with separate interior and exterior sounds

– Added neutral section functionality
– Added door and reverser interlock for power/brake
– Added working DSD that applies brake if pedal not pressed within a few seconds of it sounding
– Increased acceleration power on AC mode by 25%, to roughly match its real acceleration
– Increased maximum speed so 100mph is actually achievable
– Increased dynamic brake force
– Added cab setup ‘TPWS & AWS Operational’
– Added DRA reset reminder (& set DRA on by default)
– Remapped DSD pedal from the ‘Q’ key to ‘E’
– Headlights default state is now tail rather than off

– Added new destination textures – these are listed in the destinations file
– Amended headlight textures
– Added rust on wheel rims

– Fixed motor sounds playing when power is not applied on DC mode
– Fixed motor sounds not playing from intermediate motor cars
– Fixed DSD being cancelled by AWS button instead of DSD pedal
– Fixed AI trains not raising pantograph on AC (v1.1)
– Fixed AI trains not turning on headlights (v1.1)
– Probably other stuff I’ve already forgotten

– Fixed DRA reset sound sometimes not playing (v1.2)


This patch requires the following payware:

– DTG Class 700 –
– AP Class 444/450 EP –


Max Mortimer – Sound mixing and other tweaks
Ben Swift – Scripting
Chris Horsfield – Destinations
James Ivell – Texture modifications
Michael Dono – Class 717 Reskin, Mods & Front
Cody Sayle – Additional sounds and source
ATS FB Group – Invaluable feedback and support