AP Track Patch and Replacement Signal Lens Textures for Just Trains (V15.02)

AP Track Patch and Replacement Signal Lens Textures for Just Trains (V15.02)

31st January 2019 44 By nymr1

This is a patch for Just Trains Common Library track to use the Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack. Note: This will not patch the newer JT/GU track unless you install the additional optional patch.
(Also includes Optional Replacement Signal Lens Textures).

This now also includes a patch for the SECML route to use the patched CL track.

(Note: LU Track – with 4th rail – is only retextured due to the 4th rail being built into the track)

Any recent JT Route (that uses Common Library – I.E. Newcastle to Edinburgh, Western Mainlines, Chiltern Main Line, Kyle of Lochalsh, etc.)

Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack

Optional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack


Note: Please make sure that the track selection is set to 2D and NOT 3D (If applicable).

Update 1: updated terrain textures to use ballast textures from Track EP (Only for KofL, CML, NtoE & WM routes – WM already uses the CL terrain textures).
Update 2: Fixed missing textures.
Update 3: Added Optional Replacement CL (Common Library) Signal Lens Textures (With Backups of Original Textures).
Update 4: Retextured LUL 4th Rail track to match AP track.
Update 4.1: Fixed LUL crossovers.
Update 5: Added patch for SECML.
Update 6: Fixed Missing Winter textures.
Update 7: Patched track used by CORML (Cornish Mainline).
Update 8: Retextured Gravel.
Update 9: Added replacement Post Characters, changed to DTG ones.
Update 10: Fixed wrong Ballast texture on SECML.
Update 11: Patched the 3D track.
Update 11.1: Fixed sleeper issues with 3D track.
Update 12: Compatibility patch for Sheffield – Derby, removed the need for the texture patch from WCML South.
Update 12.1: Patched additional signal lens textures from SD signals.
Update 13: Fixed unpatched track on N2E, fixed unpatched track issues with SECML, patched gravel textures.
Update: 13.1 Compatibility patch for Derwent Valley extension for MML (fixed mssing terrain textures).
Update 14: Compatibility patch for Metropolitan Line (Finally).

2021 Update (V15): Removed unneeded backup files and added patch for the Newer JT/GU Studios Track (Tested on MML not SWEx).
V15.01: Update to Signal Lens Texture Patch – Fixed Distant Glows and Added additional replacement textures for signals included with UKTS Transpennine Asset Pack.
V15.02 – Updated LED Lens Textures to Replaced Default versions