The Big Freeze (1991) – 1S53 06:57 Coventry – Edinburgh [Part 1]

The Big Freeze (1991) – 1S53 06:57 Coventry – Edinburgh [Part 1]

22nd April 2024 2 By Harrebarrevarre

In February of 1991, the UK experienced unusually heavy snowfall, below -10°C and strong winds which caused severe delays and cancellations on the railways. While emergency timetables are in place in southern England, your morning Cross Country service from the Midlands has kept to time as far as Preston. Before continuing north, you await an update about the snowy conditions over Shap.

35 minute scenario for the WCML over Shap. Weather: Heavy snow. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)

Weather EP v2
Signal EP
Class 142 v2
Class 156
Class 37 vol 1
Class 87
Class 90+DVT
Class 31 EP*
Class 56 EP*
Class 86 EP*
Mk1 Coach Pack
Mk2a-c Coach Pack
Mk2d-f Coach Pack
Mk3a-b Coach Pack
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
MFA/MHA/MTA Wagon Pack
TTA Wagon Pack vol 1

WCML over Shap

IWB Cargowaggon
ZZA Snowplough

BodgeItTMDs Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack

Class 47 ‘Dutch’

Vulcan Productions
BR Mark 3 SLEP Pack