[mjt] 9O23 07:52 St Albans – Sutton (Surrey) (Full Journey)

[mjt] 9O23 07:52 St Albans – Sutton (Surrey) (Full Journey)

18th June 2024 4 By mattyjt02

This morning you form the 07.52 Thameslink service from St Albans City to Sutton via Mitcham Junction, in a 3-part scenario. It should be a rather straightforward run heading into the capital despite the morning rush hour. This is a busy train, however, so ensure you stick tightly to the schedule. Things should hopefully get less hectic beyond Central London. 


Setting: June 2024

Total Duration: 90 mins

Track Covered: St Albans City – Sutton via Mitcham Junction
Traction: 700042


How to install:

1. Download and extract the provided .zip file, where you will find 3 separate folders corresponding to each part of the scenario (Parts 1, 2, 3)

2. Within these separate folders, navigate to the individual ‘Content’ folders. Drag each Content folder 1-by-1 into your railworks directory. The scenario should now be installed!

3. Find each part of the scenario under ‘Standard’ scenarios by typing ‘9O23’ into the search bar, each labelled with the [mjt] prefix. Enjoy!



(* = non-essential/stationary. Objects highlighted in bold are essential for the scenario to function as intended)


Routes (+ their respective requirements):

AP MML London – Bedford (St Albans – St Pancras International)

Danny’s South London and Thameslink (St Pancras International – Tulse Hill)

Sutton and Mole Valley Lines (by AMAITYARD) (Tulse Hill – Sutton)



*AP Class 170 EP

AP Class 375/377 EP

AP Class 465/466 EP Vol. 2

AP Class 700/707/717 EP

*AP Signal EP

*AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0 (recommended for intended weather)

GEML London-Ipswich

JT Class 222 Advanced 2019




Class 375/377 Destinations Update

*ClodgeIt 360 Default Sounds Patch

Luton Airport Express 360

SouthEastern Class 375 & 377/5 No 1st Class
SouthEastern Class 465/9 No 1st Class



AP Class 700/707/717 EP Patch

Class 170/222 – EMR Reskin Pack

Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul



*TfL Croydon Tramlink CR4000


Things to know:

– There are two occasions where you will need to TAB a red signal – (1) VS1079, the second signal after departing London Blackfriars in Part 2, and (2) TVC909, as you approach Carshalton in Part 3. You are notified about these in the scenario.

– There is no Brent Cross West station in the AP MML Route. As such, the user does not make the stop there, and it is albeit ‘skipped’ in the briefing. Therefore, you may arrive at Cricklewood earlier than usual.


Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!