[1983] 1M14 09.05 Sheffield – St Pancras

[1983] 1M14 09.05 Sheffield – St Pancras

17th February 2023 2 By Turboftg

Scenario: [1983] 1M14 09.05 Sheffield – St Pancras
Route: Just Trains – Midland Main Line
Track covered: Sheffield to Leicester
Traction: BR Class 45/1 45149 + 9 Mk1/2s
Date: 3 February 1983
Season: Winter
Weather: Overcast with snowy showers
Duration: 70 minutes

The Class 45 ‘Peaks’ had a long association with the Midland Main Line however in October 1982 with the introduction of HST services, they began to disappear from the top link expresses on the MML. By the Summer of 1983, only a handful of peak-hour commuter services to and from London were still in the hands of the Peaks.

It is February 1983 during the transitional period and with Winter in full swing, you are driving 45149 on a mid-morning express from Sheffield to London via Alfreton and Toton. You will relieved by another driver at Leicester where the scenario ends.

Your calling points are: Sheffield (09:05), Chesterfield (09:25), Alfreton & Mansfield Parkway (09:37) and Leicester (10:14).

In-game, the loco is not one of those highly-functional and high-quality add-ons but in my view, it is a rather underutilised locomotive. The scenario depends more on the atmosphere so while the requirement list is quite hefty, I think it really showcases the BR Blue era of uniform liveries but an eccentric mix of rolling stock – coal and wagonload freight was king at Toton!

There are a number of payware and freeware requirements, most of which are essential meaning they are required in order to complete the scenario. Optional requirements are strongly recommended but if you are missing one or two items from this list, you can still complete the scenario. You may be required to press F2 to bypass the warning message about missing consists (they are only used as static consists).

– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 Enhancement Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 40 Locomotive Pack*
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro)*
– Armstrong Powerhouse MGR Wagon Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
– Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Coach Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse TTA Wagon Pack Vol. 1
– Digital Traction British Rail Wagon Pack (1960s-2000)
– Dovetail Games BR Blue Class 20 Add-On Livery
– Dovetail Games BR Blue Pack Loco Add-On
– Dovetail Games BR Class 101 DMU Add-On
– Dovetail Games BR Class 24 Loco Add-On
– Dovetail Games BR Class 31 Loco Add-On
– Dovetail Games BR Class 45 ‘Peak’ Loco Add-On
– Dovetail Games European Loco & Asset Pack
– Dovetail Games UK Coal Wagon Pack
– Dovetail Games UK Van Wagon Pack
– Dovetail Games Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue Route Add-On
– Fastline Simulation BDA 80t Bogie Bolster Wagon Pack
– Fastline Simulation dia. 1/146 HTV 21t Coal Hopper Wagon Pack
– Fastline Simulation HBA/HEA Coal Hoppers
– Fastline Simulation Rebodied da. 1/146 HTV 21t Coal Hoppers Wagon Pack
– Fastline Simulation VDA 45T Vans
– Just Trains Midland Main Line: Derby-Nottingham-Leicester Extension
– Just Trains Midland Main Line: Erewash Valley
– Just Trains Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby
– KrossRails West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-On
– Steam Sounds Supreme Departmental Hoppers Pack

– RF72 Class 24 ‘BR Research 97201’ (https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html)
– Vulcan Productions BR Class 45/46 (https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/legacy.html)
– Vulcan Productions BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985) (https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/diesel.html)

– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 56 Enhancement Pack
– Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
– Dovetail Games BR Sectors Class 56 Loco Add-On
– Fastline Simulation YLA Mullet Wagon Pack

– Major Wales Design Class 08 Revamp Pack (https://www.major.wales/revamp-packs/08)
– Major Wales Design Class 43 Revamp Pack (https://www.major.wales/revamp-packs/43)
– RF72 Class 25 ‘Domino’ Texture Pack (https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html)

*Not available anymore.

See read me for the links to all of the requirements. If you don’t some of these items from the requirements list, I suggest using TS Tools to swap the missing rolling stock. The tool is available on this site.

Any issues or how you found the scenarios, let me know down below!