Ex-Transport for Wales (East Midlands Railway) 170s

Ex-Transport for Wales (East Midlands Railway) 170s

27th November 2022 0 By Clowes

Following the DfT’s incomptency to suggest/research suitable replacements for a number of GTR’s 171 fleet, the cascade plans were altered. What would have been circa 12 units (or thereabouts) from GTR to EMR, is only 4 (currently 3). And so all 14 from TfW are being nabbed (they were originally meant to be TfW permanent fleet, so talk about shake-up).

What’s Included?
EMR Branded (albeit not in the case of 273), Greater Anglia liveried 170s, and 2 PreLoads (2 and 3 Car units)…

Class 170 or Edinburgh Glasgow
AP Class 168/170/171 EP
East Midlands Railway Class 170

A one page manual is included with the instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Child Objects and scripting

V1.1 2023/05/01 2145 | Adds MSL and 3 Car PreLoad