[GJD] 1P27 1254 to Newcastle

[GJD] 1P27 1254 to Newcastle

13th October 2022 2 By GJDobbzy

[GJD] 1P27 1254 to Newcastle

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Drive a TPE class 802 on this 1P27 1254 Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle, from Msanchester Victoria as far as Leeds, with a few stops on the way. A few rolling stock have been replaced by others that are missing on TSC ie 195 and 333.

Hope you enjoy and any problems get in touch, and let us know if you enjoy it.



Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 37 (Both packs)

class 150

class 156

class 321

Class 66 EP

class 150/1 EP

class 158 (Both packs)

class 800 EP

JTA/JUA/PTA Wagon Pack

JXA/POA Wagon Pack

Weather EP


Huddersfield Line: Manchester – Leeds Route

class 150 pack 1

class 66 (all packs)

class 801 pack 1

class 159

Just Trains


Major Wales Design

Class 66 Nameplate (Frightliner and EWS)


class 185

Class 322 – Northern (UB)

Class 66 LED Headlights

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Log notes;
V1.1 update, change one train pathing at Leeds due to collision if running late.