1M88 Glasgow Central – Manchester Airport.

1M88 Glasgow Central – Manchester Airport.

28th February 2023 0 By Ross

Drive 1M88 the 1309 TPE service from Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport as far as Carlisle. This service is normally formed of a nova 2 however stock requirements have placed a class 185 in its place today.
You will call at Motherwell, Lockerbie and Carlisle.

***** Remember to ensure you have the ATS Class 185 Plug-in running before starting the scenario for the announcements to work *****

Many thanks to Reef for helping with helping to get the announcements working on this and for testing.
Also thanks to Wytse Claessens for testing.

Please note due to stock limitations i have use 314s numbered 318s until we have the 318 in sim then i will swap them around.


Class 185
Driveable DBSO Patch for AP Mk2 DBSO and Scotrail DBSO Reskin V2.0

Driveable DBSO Patch for AP Mk2 DBSO and Scotrail DBSO Reskin V2.0

WCML North route
ScotRail Class 380 EMU Add-On
Freightliner Class 70 Loco Add-On

UKTS Freeware:
Class 47 freeware pack

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 156
Class 390 pack
Class 800-803 pack
Class 314
Class 66
Class 322
ICA-D Wagon Pack
JNA wagon pack (static only)
MK3 coach pack
DBSO pack
AP Sky and weather enhancement pack (will run without but wont have the featured weather)
**** Each AP pack has its own requirements ensure you have them****

Major wales
Class 320 Scotrail LED patch

DP Simulation
Colas class 70 reskin by rfletcher https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html

I hope you enjoy this scenario as much as i did making it and look forward to reading any feedback you leave.

many thanks