1C29 10:25 Paddington – Paignton (1989)

1C29 10:25 Paddington – Paignton (1989)

28th February 2023 12 By Stenkil


You have been called upon to assist/rescue a failed HST heading for Paignton. It failed just after departing Exeter and is now blocking the Down main. The cab controls were malfunctioning in the leading powercar 43050.

Scenario Details:

Scenario name: [SSP] 1C29 10:25 Paddington – Paignton
Route: Riviera Line
Type: Standard
Traction: 50037
Track covered: Exeter St. Davids to Paignton (advertised)
Duration: 45 – 50 minutes
Year: 1989

Points to consider before playing:

• In the game settings under Gameplay check Allow all Coupling checkbox.
• At the beginning of the scenario, you might need to TAB the exit signal of Exeter TMD to access the mainline.
• Once you are ready to reverse into the Down Main at Exeter St. Thomas, make sure the “Automatic” points are correctly set. If not do it manually by clicking the junction box. You must ensure that you are headed into Exeter St. Thomas platform 1.
• There is no drawbar modeled for this HST so when the hatch opens you can proceed with coupling.
• Your speed will be monitored against 45 mph. If you exceed this value 5 times the scenario will fail. More details in the scenario pop ups.
• This is a heavily scripted scenario, and the script has been tested in 64-bit version only.

• Copy the Assets and Content folders to your Railworks directory.


• Class 43 Valenta EP
• Class 50 pack
• Mk1 Vol.1 coach pack
• Mk2a-c coach pack
• Mk2d-f coach pack

• Common Library

• Class 43 revamp pack

• BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack
• BR Class 101 DMU
• WCML Over Shap

• UKTS Freeware Pack – UK Class 47
• UKTS Freeware Pack – UK Classic Diesel and Electric #1