[WB] 2M30 17.36 Swindon to Westbury

[WB] 2M30 17.36 Swindon to Westbury

26th February 2023 0 By Whitlocks End

Briefing: From early 2018, the single carriage 153’s were replaced on the TransWilts services by other units of two or three carriages. Drive one of the final services operated by a 153 the 17:36 Swindon to Westbury on the afternoon of Friday 15th June 2018.


From Just Trains
• South Western Expressways Route.

From Steam
• Freightliner Class 66 v2.0 Loco Add-On.

Armstrong Powerhouse
• Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack (together with dependencies)
• Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack (together with dependencies).

• JNA ‘Mendip Rail’ wagons (together with dependencies)
• Class 166/2 GWR Green (together with dependencies).

Major Wales Design
• Great Western Railways Class 153 (together with dependencies).