(AT) 2L60- 10:35 Lincoln Central to Leicester

(AT) 2L60- 10:35 Lincoln Central to Leicester

26th February 2023 2 By adam_t2166

Description: On a pleasantly sunny February morning, drive 3 car 170417 to Leicester via Nottingham, making numerous calls along the way.
Year: 2023

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 170 Enhancement Park
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack
Class 156 DMU Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
HKA Wagon Pack
JGA-K/PHA Wagon Pack
MFA/MHA/MTA Wagon Pack
Class 56 Enhancement Pack
Class 37 Vol 1
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

East Midlands Railway Class 170
Class 222 Destination Upgrade
Ex Southern (East Midlands Railway) 170’s
EMR Interim 158’s


Major Wales Design
Class 156 EMR
Class 158 EMR

Class 156 EMR Blue

Class 222 ‘Meridian’

Semaphore Sim
EMR 170-222 Reskin

AH Mods
GBRF 66 Pack

Class 170 DMU Pack or Edinburgh to Glasgow

Vulcan Productions
Class 170 Air Dam Patch

Goldstar Trains
Ballast TAMPER Pack

That should be all the requirements. Please note that for the Ex East midlands Trains variants of the 156 and 158 to appear, the latest version of the relevant Armstrong Powerhouse should be used.
Additionally, a broken consist error may occur at the beginning of the scenario. Ignore this error by presssing F2 as it doesn’t affect the functionality of the scenario.