[TK] 158 Evening Horsforth Shuttle Return

[TK] 158 Evening Horsforth Shuttle Return

7th December 2020 2 By Tkingy

In the morning and evening peak rush hours, Northern run a shuttle up to Horsforth and back to get commuters to and from town. This evening, a points failure at Cattal has meant you have been called to take this Class 158 that has just come from Carlise and fill-in for the 170 that cannot make it in time.

The requirements list for this scenario is as follows;
Vulcan Productions Harrogate Loop
AP158 Cummings pack
AP91 and ATS LNER pack
DTG 801 + AcesTrains 800
AP class 321 + ATS 322 Northern Reskin
Jake Fullers 185 pack
ATS TSR and ESR Pack
AP weather pack

I do not take any responsibility this scenario can cause to your PC as the requirements of the route are set out by myself the creator above. The contents of this scenario are packaged from DTG’s Tain Simulator itself with no use of other scripts.

If there are any issues with this scenario or if you have any feedback that would be much appreciated, please use the comments section on the ATS website or contact the team using the ‘contact us’ form.

Thank you and enjoy!