(RP) 08:58 Whatley Quarry-Theale A.R.C (Part 1)

(RP) 08:58 Whatley Quarry-Theale A.R.C (Part 1)

23rd April 2020 1 By Robin Price

Requirements Needed
North Somerset Railway Route+Steam Workshop Whatley Quarry Route
Medway Valley Line (For the class 59)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 66 EWS/DBS (L1)+RSC CLASS 66 PACK 1 AND 2
JHA Wagons+Sound pack

Class 59 Aggregate Industries File Number 37844
JHA Wagon Repaint File Number 37656

If i have forgotten something, then please except my apologies. Journey time 30mins.

Morning driver. After getting a staff taxi from your depot at Westbury, You are now in charge of the 08:58 Whatley Quarry-Theale A.R.C. You start in the sheds at Whatley, so must shunt your own loco onto your train, Which will be waiting on Whatley Quarry Departure 1. You will the drive to Frome market in this part as there is no merge with the southwestern expressway route. I have made a part 2, So if you would like to continue, Then feel free. You will have 40 wagons loaded, so watch the gradient out of Whatley (1 in 75 down hill) Feel free to leave any comments, good or bad ( That’s how i learn) and most importantly, Enjoy.

UPDATE 03,02,2021
Due to the passing of the great Captain Sir Tom Moore, I thought i would revamp this scenario, and use the reskin from CLASS43HARRISON who has kindly made this reskin. its it exactly the same as before, but the class 66 has been replaced by Class 59DB. A link to the reskin can be found below. thanks for playing. Sir tom was a great gentleman to this country and he will be sadly missed. R.I.P Captain Sir Tom Moore 1920-2021 Gone but never forgotten.