(RP) 08:58 Whatley Quarry-Theale A.R.C (Part 2)

(RP) 08:58 Whatley Quarry-Theale A.R.C (Part 2)

23rd April 2020 0 By Robin Price

Requirements Needed.
SouthWestern Expressway+ Pewsey-Reading Extension

Armstrong Powerhouse.
Class43 MTU+ MJW Revamp Pack+MK3 Sounds
Class 66+ RSC 66 PACK 2+3
Murco TDA Wagons
Class 158EP+ DTG CLASS 159

Mendip Rail Box Wagons
IOA Network Rail Box Wagons, both can can be found under Richard Flecther Wagon Reskins (RF72)

Class 59 Aggregate Industries File Number 37844
JHA Wagon Repaints File Number 37656

Medway Valley Line
Flying Scotsman (RSC)

I think that’s it, Once again, Except my apologies if i have forgotten something. Journey time 2hrs

So following on from Part 1. You now pick up this train from Frome North Junction and take it all the way to Theale yard, where you will shunt back into Yeoman siding’s 1+2. Your only stop is Westbury to allow a few trains through, Then Non-stop to Theale. when you get to Theale, it is busy dealing with a Robestone theale murco, so you might have to wait for him to clear. You will then pull right up to the end of the platform at Theale platform 3, then control and tab and check u got the shunting signal, before setting back into Yeoman siding 1. when you have dropped the back set of 20 wagons off at Yeoman siding , just pull up to the cone with the last 20 wagons, before setting back into Yeoman siding 2. This is a heavy train, and your MAX SPEED IS 45. Some times are taken from today’s timings, but due to Coronavirus, there aint a lot around, so i have added a few extra, just to make it a bit interesting. Feel free to leave any comment, Good or bad (That’s how i learn) and as ever, Stay Safe And Enjoy.