(WJ) 1D21 19:32 Shrewsbury to Holyhead

(WJ) 1D21 19:32 Shrewsbury to Holyhead

30th July 2022 2 By WelshyJim

In this scenario you will drive a TFW Class 158 from Chester to Holyhead on the last TFW service to Holyhead of the day. The sun is setting on the North Wales Coast so enjoy the run.

Scenario Requirements:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
AP 158 Perkins EP
AP 142
AP 150/2
AP 175 EP
AP 37
AP Mark 2 Coaches
AP 91 EP
AP 67 EP

Clowes TFW 158 Reskin

Conwy Valley Line

Major Wales:
TFW MK4 Pack
TFW 150/2 Reskin

DTG Class 91
EWS Class 67

Thank you for downloading this scenario and I hope you enjoy it.