5C04/1C04 05:41 Hornsey E.M.U.D. – Kings Cross – Cambridge

5C04/1C04 05:41 Hornsey E.M.U.D. – Kings Cross – Cambridge

17th December 2021 3 By Bill Dalton

Friday 18th July 2003
In the midst of the heatwave, take 317341 and 317311 off Hornsey depot and into the Cross before working an early morning semi-fast service to Cambridge, vice 365s.
This scenario is for the wonderful ATS Kings Cross – Kings Lynn route. (95 mins)

5C04 05:41 Hornsey E.M.U.D. – Kings Cross
1C04 06:03 Kings Cross – Cambridge

Extract the scenario from the .zip folder and copy the contents folder to your Railworks directory and you’re good to go!

ATS: Kings Cross – Kings Lynn & Peterborough

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