[KH] 6Z69 1438 Hoo Junction Up Yard to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

[KH] 6Z69 1438 Hoo Junction Up Yard to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

12th February 2023 6 By Kieran Harvey

Take this Class 73 doubled headed Engineers Train from Hoo Junction to Tonbridge West Yard on 10th February 2023. All traffic is as per real timetable for this day. Although I don’t know specifically what units ran what services, you’ll find units such as Class 395 have been properly numbered, carriage numbers and all.

You’ll depart and arrive in diesel mode but switch to electric in between!

Known Issues/Behaviour:
– First signal requires TAB (AP Pack is used but as it is a signal starting at the depot with multiple converging routes, I couldn’t find a way around, I have left a calling on marker at the very least so if it decides to work it will do something)
– 2 Yellows at Strood even though the next signal is Green, this is down to how signals were placed in the route and out of my control, a force green has been laid but it doesn’t overrride.
– Yalding has a red without a yellow proceeding. This is intentional, please expect a Red at Yalding. This is because in reality drivers have to bring their train to a stand, press a button to activate the Level Crossing and then an indicator turns white to tell them to proceed. This red will clear in an appropriate time to simulate this.
– Despite setting the route into Tonbridge Yard on map, you may still need to set it yourself, sometimes it resets to the wrong road at start of scenario.

Route: Chatham Mainline and Medway Valley

Route: Chatham Mainline and Medway Valley


Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 66 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies (Uses Freightliner V2.0)
Class 375 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 465 Vol.2 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
JNA-C Wagon Pack
MFA Wagon Pack
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

375 Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield
395 Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield (Please note the added comment about the installation issues in the notepad file is now fixed with thanks to Chris, please disregard it should all install correctly)
465 Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield
Tamper Pack by GoldStarTrains

Class 66 Freightliner V2.0
European Loco & Asset Pack

Fastline Simulation:
ZCA Sea Urchin Pack (Steam Version)
YQA Parr Pack (Steam Version)

Just Trains:
YGB Seacow PlusPak Advanced

Richard Fletcher:
Network Rail IOA Wagons Reskin (Requires Class 70 and/or OOVEE MJA Pack)

Vulcan Productions:
Class 73 Pack (Needs Master Key Class 460)