[KH] 6N46 Hoo Junction Down Yard to Selling

[KH] 6N46 Hoo Junction Down Yard to Selling

19th February 2023 19 By Kieran Harvey

In this two hour scenario you will be driving supplies to a possession on the Dover line. You start at Hoo Junction Down Yard. Drive from there all the way to just outside of Faversham where you will enter a possession and drive to the worksite where the scenario ends.

The possession was actually on that line on this day being simulated and all traffic is therefore realistic and to the real times they ran including any delays. The train you are driving is made up and fitted in (as data on trains to and from the possession I couldn’t really see). You will be realistically fitted in and held where required to ensure no passenger trains are delayed, there is a lot of waiting but also plenty traffic to keep you occupied while you wait. The reason is you would need to arrive at the possession at a specific time and holding you in certain areas would cause delays/loss of flexibility.

There should be no reason at all to TAB any signals, if one is red, please stop and wait, there is a reason for it and failing to stop can make very important instructions fail to appear!

Finally there is a simplified version of what is called a Planned Traffic Order (PTO) in your F1 briefing, this has any information you’ll need and as such the task list is blank, simply drive appropriately under the signals recieved and arrive at the possession entry on time following all instructions thereafter. Enjoy!

Route: DTG Chatham Mainline London to Ramsgate & Dover

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 66 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 375 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 465 Vol.2 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
Class 700 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
JNA-C Wagon Pack
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack*

Class 375 Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield*
Class 395 Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield*
(Please note the added comment about the installation issues in the notepad file is now fixed with thanks to Chris, please disregard it should all install correctly).
Networker Destination Pack by Chris Horsfield*
TSR & ESR Equipment by WAGN Team*

Class 66 Freightliner V2.0
Class 66 EWS V2.0
European Loco & Asset Pack*

Fastline Simulations:
YLA Wagon Pack (Steam Version)
YQA Wagon Pack (Steam Version)
EWS ZCA Sea Urchin Pack (Steam Version – used for TSR signage on a seperate line)*

Just Trains:
JJA Autoballaster Wagons

Richard Fletcher:
HQA Ex-Railtrack Wagon Reskin

Civil Engineers & Platelayers Pack V1.1 (ID 30819)**

*Not required but reduced AI/wrong destinations.
**Can go without but reduced visuals in possession area.