(BL) 1K06 + 1K08 Hull to Manchester Piccadilly

(BL) 1K06 + 1K08 Hull to Manchester Piccadilly

13th September 2022 2 By LangtonPhotography

Two scenarios are included for two seperate runs where you see yourself through to Leeds on early morning services from Hull, beginning just after Hambleton west junction in 6 car class 185’s. These scenarios feature unique stopping patterns, including Garforth and Cross gates. On one run the sun is shining as summer is upon us and in the other it’s a cold wintery morning. Not based on any specific date but set around 2022.

Route: OTS Harrogate loop V2.2


Armstrong Powerhouse

*Cummins & Perkins class 158 enhancement packs
(And associated requirements)
*Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
*Class 91/Mk 4 Enhancement pack
Class 142 multiple unit pack
Class 68 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
Class 321 multiple unit pack
*Class 66 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
Class 168/170/171 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
*Class 800 enhancement pack
(And associated requirements)
*Sky & Weather enhancement pack
Wherry Lines
Various wagon packs used as static AI including:

*Class 153

Major Wales Designs
*Class 153 revamp pack
*Arriva northern Class 155
Arriva northern class 170
*Cemex express GBRF class 66
Ex Northern rail class 142
*Plawwie class 158 patch

LNER Tartan Azuma
*Updated Class 220/221 Voyager consists
*Northern class 158 variants
*Intercity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack
Greater Anglia Class 321 purple
*Class 185
Appropriate destination displays patches

Settle – Carlisle

While there are a fair amount of requirements, many are just for static AI. (* indicates the basic requirements for the scenario to perform correctly).