SP: 6O49 10:41 Neasden Charrington FLHH to Wool MoD Sidings

SP: 6O49 10:41 Neasden Charrington FLHH to Wool MoD Sidings

13th September 2022 5 By Sami Pitfield

Hello and thanks for looking at this scenario for DTG’s Southampton to Bournemouth route.

Description: Wool MoD Sidings are a small set of sidings that were used to load sand from nearby areas for transportation to Lonon Terminals, such as Neasden or Angerstein Wharf. Today you are with newly painted 66623 in charge of the empties for loading, you will drive as far as Bournemouth. Date: May 2007.

Difficulty: Easy (Green)
Start Time: 15:03
Start Location: St Denys Approach
Traction: 66623 & 17 HIAs
Service: 6O49 10:41 Neasden Charrington FLHH to Wool MoD Sidings
Date: Spring 2007
Scenario Length: 40 Minutes


To install this scenario simply extract the ‘content’ folder provided and drag and drop it into your ‘RailWorks’ directory.


Southampton to Bournemouth route
Portsmouth Direct Line
European Loco & Asset Pack
Class 57 Loco
Class 421 ‘4CIG’ EMU

Armstrong Powerhouse (And their dependencies):
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 Cummins Enhancement Pack
Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
Class 57 Sound Pack
Class 220/221/222 Sound Pack
Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack
Class 47 Sound Pack*
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
HIA Wagon Pack
Weather Enhancement Pack*

Voyager DEMU 2019

Freeware (And their dependencies):
Class 444/450 Destination Patch:

BodgeItTMD Class 66 Freightliner Pack (Discontinued?)

Class 421 BR Green Reskin:

Class 421 BR Green

Class 158 SWR/SWT Destination Pack:

Alan Thomson Simulation

Voyager Consist Patch:

Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists

The ‘*’ means this DLC is only used for static AI/trains or/and is not needed to play the scenario but is recommended.

If any requirements have been missed, please let me know and I will sort it out.
Enjoy the scenario!
Sami Pitfield