9K53 17:32 Luton – Orpington

9K53 17:32 Luton – Orpington

24th June 2023 14 By Dave Simulation

NOTE: Possible fix for OOM error -> Try driving a quick drive scenario starting, drive a bit then load the scenario.

Drive class 700020 working peak service 9K53 from Luton to Orpington. Driving the full leg,
taking 105 minutes end-to-end. Calling at all stations except Hendon and Cricklewood. This scenario has random AP Weather enabled, so every time you play/reload the scenario, the weather will always be different. Based on WTT May 2018.

Date: July 2018
Duration: 105 Minutes
Route: Steam Workshop South London and Thameslink
*Read the manual for more detailed information!*

Steam workshop South London and Thameslink
DTG Class 378
AP Class 700
AP Class 43 VP185
AP Class 375/377
AP Class 465 Vol. 2
AP Weather EP V2
JT Class 222
ATS Class 378 Destination Pack
ATS Class 465 Destination Pack
Semaphore Simulations AP Class 700/707/717 Patch

*And all of its requirements*

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