1R87 07:06 Reigate to London Victoria

1R87 07:06 Reigate to London Victoria

10th June 2020 2 By Cactus732

This morning you’re in charge of a Morning Peak service from Reigate to London Victoria, joining with a service from Gatwick Airport at Redhill.

Scenario Route: South London to Brighton by Danny
Scenario Length: 55 Minutes


AP Class 375/377EP
AP Class 465/466EP Volume 1 + Hornsey Studios Class 465 Pack**
AP Class 444/450EP
APW Class 456 + Ash992478 (VP) SWR Branding
Steam European Loco & Asset Pack + Superalbs Class 166 GWR
Steam North London Line OR Class 378 Capitalstar
Steam Portsmouth Direct Line London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour + Ash992478 (VP) SWR Branding
Steam Southern Class 455/8
Steam South London Network + Superalbs Class 387 Gatwick Express
ATS Class 700/707/717 Desiro City Pack

**Pack is currently unavailable, but scenario should function correctly without it