[YBZG] 1A40 – 12:44 – Alton to London Waterloo [V1.0]

[YBZG] 1A40 – 12:44 – Alton to London Waterloo [V1.0]

24th June 2023 2 By YaBoyZainG4m3r

• Type: Standard
• Duration: 45 Minutes
• Difficulty: 2/5
• Date: 25/05/23
• Start Time: 12:42
• Weather: High Cloud
• Traction: 450099, 450061

• Drive 450099 and 450061 on an Alton to London Waterloo service as far as Woking, where another driver will take over. You will call at all stations en-route. Apart from some tree surgeons between Farnham and Aldershot that you must stay vigilant for, there are no delays or issues on the network this afternoon so it should be a routine drive up to Woking.

• Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 455 Enhancement Pack Volume 2
• Gold Star Trains Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Pack
• Semaphore Sim SWR Class 444/450 Reskin Pack
• YBZG’s PDL (Updated) Route

Note: All items above do require their own requirements in order to function properly.

• Simply copy the ‘Content’ folder into your Railworks directory and overwrite any files if asked to do so.
• If you don’t know where to find your Railworks directory, you can right-click Train Simulator on Steam, click ‘Properties’, click the ‘Local Files’ tab, and click ‘Browse’. You are now inside your Railworks directory.

• All AI trains in this scenario have correct destinations.
• Most AI trains won’t open their doors when stopped at stations. This is a glitch in TS Classic that occurs when an AI train stops at a ‘stopping point’ and also has a ‘waypoint’ in its routing. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix this.
• There are no static trains in depots or sidings. This has been done to reduce frame loss and boost performance.
• If the scenario crashes during the loading process, load a resource intensive scenario that does load properly, play it for a couple minutes, and then reload this scenario.

• V1.0 (23/06/23) – Scenario Release!

• This scenario is not to be published anywhere else without my permission.
• You may edit the scenario as you please, but you must say that you’ve done so if you choose to record or stream your edited version.
• I am not responsible for any damage caused to your Train Simulator Classic install.

• This scenario has been fully tested but should any issues appear please do contact me and I will try to get them fixed. Regardless of that, I hope you enjoy!