[SR18] 2F32 Woking – Waterloo (SWT)

[SR18] 2F32 Woking – Waterloo (SWT)

23rd June 2021 1 By SimRacer18

Drive an 8 Car class 455 from Woking to Waterloo on a stopping service,

Duration: 50 minutes

please read the readme file for installation instructions, I’ve also added links to the requirements listed below in there.

I’d recommend driving this on 64bit only, I’ve kept all the yards empties to help with frames and stability around Wimbledon and Clapham, there’s a fair amount of AI so I’m not sure how this will run on low spec PC’s, the scenario has been tested 4 times with no issues so this should run fine for everyone to enjoy!

Requirement list:

Armstrong Powerhouse –

Class 455 EP Vol.2

Class 444/450 EP

Class 158/159 (Cummins) EP

Class 319 EP Vol.2

Class 375/377 EP

Alan Thomson Simulation –

SWT Class 455 ‘Experimental’ Reskin