1Z86 08:15 Lancaster-London Euston

1Z86 08:15 Lancaster-London Euston

18th September 2022 0 By stephen bell

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth the second, Avanti West Coast hired Locomotive Services Ltd and West Coast Railways to provide stock for the expected number of people to traveling to London to pay there respects.

In this scenario you will be driving West Coast Railway 86401 Mons Meg from Lancaster to Preston.You will be
hauling a rake of Riviera Trains Mk2e’s.

You will need the following:

Class 86
Class 170
FGW Class 150/1

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 86 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 170 Enhancememt Pack
Mk2 D-F Coach Pack

Major Wales Design
Arriva Rail Northern Class 170

Alan Thomson Sim
Riviera Trains Mk2 (+) Pack (The Blue & Grey Train)
[OTS] Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway