1V44 0609 Leeds to Plymouth Diverted

1V44 0609 Leeds to Plymouth Diverted

1st August 2023 1 By LNERFAN4468

In this scenario you will take an XC HST to Bristol Temple Meads from Birmingham New Street due to Engineering between westerleigh and Standish Junctions you are being diverted via Newport and Gloucester

If you encounter any problems with this scenario do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will fix it as soon as possible

On the way you will call at
Cheltenham Spa
Bristol Parkway
Bristol Temple Meads

Player Train Requirements
Class 43 (Also need for 166)
Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack on Steam (steampowered.com)
MTU Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
MK3 Sliding door pack
Mk3 Sliding Door Pack – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 43 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Design – Class 43

Route Requirement
XC Route
XCRoute Birmingham to Bristol – Alan Thomson Simulation

AI Requirements

Portsmouth Direct Line WAT to PMH
Train Simulator: Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Route Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 350 EP
Class 350 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Superalbs Class 166 GWR/FGWB
Train Sim Reskins – SUPERALBS (weebly.com)
Class 159
Train Simulator: Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Class 170
Train Simulator: BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Voyager Advanced 2019
Just Trains – Voyager Advanced 2019
Semaphore simulations
Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul – Other – Semaphore Simulations
Class 175
Train Simulator: South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea Route Add-on on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 175 EP
Class 175 Enhancement Pack 2.0 (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Revamp Pack
Class 175 (major.wales)
Class 153
Just Trains – Class 153 DMU Advanced
Revamp Pack
Class 153/155 (major.wales)
TFW Reskin
Transport for Wales (major.wales)
Class 66
Train Simulator: Freightliner Class 66 v2.0 Loco Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Train Simulator: EWS Class 66 v2.0 Loco Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Enhancement pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Class 800EP
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
ECML London to Peterborough
Save 50% on Train Simulator: East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
JT Chiltern Mainline (AI Static Only)
Just Trains – Chiltern Main Line: London-Birmingham
WCML South
Save 50% on Train Simulator: WCML South: London Euston – Birmingham Route Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
170/168 Air Dam Pack
323 WMR Pack
Electric Downloads – VULCAN PRODUCTIONS
390 Revamp
Major Wales Design – Class 390
Sound Pack for 390
Class 390 Sound Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)