1C04 London Paddington to Penzance

1C04 London Paddington to Penzance

9th April 2019 11 By Cactus732

In this marathon scenario, take the controls of 43172 “Harry Patch” leading the 07:30 Great Western Railway service from London Paddington to Penzance via Bristol. All AI is based on the April 2019 timetables, but consists have been backdated to Autumn 2016 when Class 387s were only running as far as Hayes and Harlington, a pair of 166s had taken over the Avonmouth/Severn Beach shuttles, and more importantly the HST reigned supreme on the Intercity services.

Scenario Length: 5hrs 45 Minutes
Scenario Route: Western Mainlines + SDML Extension + Cornish Mainline Extension


Western Mainlines (Just Trains)
South Devon Mainline Extenstion (Just Trains)
Cornish Mainline Extension (Just Trains)
European Loco and Asset Pack (Kuju/Steam Store)
MTU HST Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
43172=”Harry Patch” (Vulcan Productions)
Bristol 2015 HST Power Cars (ATS)
43144-Building a Greater West HST Power Car (BH Reskins)
43027-“90 Glorious Years” HST Power Car (BH Reskins)
43163-“Visit Plymouth” HST Power Car (DPSimulations)
GWR Sticker Express (ATS)
43187/188-GWR Welshman Power Cars (ATS)
GWR Class 166 (Superalbs)
FGW Plain Blue 166 (Superalbs)
South London Network (DTG/Steam Store)
GWR Class 387 (Superalbs)
GEML (DTG/Steam Store)
Heathrow Express/Connect Class 360 (UKTS-34469)
NSE Class 159 (RSC/Steam Store)
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 66 V2.0
Class 66 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Freightliner Class 90 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 180 (DTG/Steam Store)
FGW Class 180 (BH Reskins-Group)
Freightliner Class 70 (DTG/Steam Store)
Class 150/1 (DTG/Steam Store)
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 150/2 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Riviera Line “Modern”- (RSC/Steam Store)
GWR Class 143 (Superalbs)
Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
DBS Class 59 (DTG/Steam Store)
Medway Valley Line (DTG/Steam Store)
Class 153 (Just Trains)
Class 153 Revamp Pack (Major Wales or ATS)
Class 153 GWR (Major Wales)
Class 153 FGW Plain Blue (Major Wales)

Optional Requirements for static AI and Recommended Extras:

Sky/Weather Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
AP Track Patch and Signal Lens Patch for JT Routes (ATS)
Virtual District Line (Virtual District Team) – Piccadilly line stock used as pseudo Central Line Statics
Portsmouth Direct Line (DTG/Steam Store)
Class 450 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 57 Freightliner
GWR Class 57 (Superalbs)
Night Riviera Coaching Stock (ATS)