9T52 18:25 Brighton to Bedford (Heatwave 2022)

9T52 18:25 Brighton to Bedford (Heatwave 2022)

25th July 2022 5 By Toby123

18th July 2022- It’s the hottest day of the year. Thameslink are running an emergency timetable and East Midlands Railway services are severely disrupted. Drive this already delayed 18:25 service that originated in Brighton, from St Pancras as far as Luton where another driver will take over. Timetable and timings is as per services which ran on 18/07/22.

Duration: 55 minutes


DTG Midland Mainline- London to Bedford
DTG Class 700
AP Class 700 EP
JT Class 222 Meridian
Semaphoresim EMR 170-222 Reskin Pack 1.1 https://semaphoresim.com/file/56-emr-170-222-reskin-pack/

To install, simply drag the extracted folder into your RailWorks folder