[LD] 1D21 1603 London Kings Cross – Leeds (Part One)

[LD] 1D21 1603 London Kings Cross – Leeds (Part One)

23rd July 2022 4 By Luin Danso

Hello, this is one ‘standard’ scenario for the ATS’ “Kings Cross to Kings Lynn”route available from ATS.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Track Covered:
ATS’ “Kings Cross to Kings Lynn”.

To install, simply extract the .zip file using whichever software you have and copy the ‘Content’ folder to your RailWorks install “usually” found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

Weather Conditions: Clear with (low wind)

Season: Summer 2022
>Scenario Guide:
You begin this scenario at London Kings Cross about to work 1D21. You will be aboard British Rails Class 91 loco today , set (91127 and 82225 DVT). This set is the first freshly painted revised LNER Intercity paint job that will be added in the coming months to the remaining 225 fleet. In this scenario you will be driving as far as Peterborough. I hope that you enjoy this scenario 🙂
Calling Patterns:


AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack
AP Class 800 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 700/707 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 379/387 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Track Enhancement Pack
AP JHA Wagon Pack Enhancement Pack
AP JPA Wagon Pack Enhancement Pack
AP JDA Wagon Pack Enhancement
DTG Class 800
DTG Class 700
DTG Class 180 Adelante
DTG Chatham Mainline
DTG London – Gillingham (Kent)
DTG EWS Class 66 V2.0 Steam Product


MJW Class 180 Revamp
Class 66 Maritine ATS