West Coast Mainline Midlands & North West Scenario Pack


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A scenario pack for West Coast Mainline Midlands & North West phases 1 & 2 featuring varied mixed traffic workings and prototypical AI.

The use of scripting and narratives for each scenario adds a sense of realism and immersion. Each scenario has been made with the player in mind and makes full use of all that the WCML Midlands North West route offers.

Whether you prefer passenger, freight, Empty Coaching Stock or special movements – there is something in this pack for everyone.

The AP weather pack has also been used to provide even more immersion, adding an extra factor the scenarios.

I hope you enjoy this pack, I have worked very hard on it and hopefully it will be the first of many.

A manual and full list of requirements can be found here:


I have done my absolute best to make these scenarios as prototypical as possible. Timetables and other web resources have been used to make the pack as immersive as possible. This has meant there is a lot of variation in the AI. Swap out as you need though

Full Requirements List


Missing Link Route and all requirements – ATS
West Coast Mainline Over Shap
DTG Portsmouth – London (For the Class 350)
Bristol – Cardiff (For the Class 175 & Class 70)

Rolling Stock & Enhancement Packs

Class 390 S9BL Version – Steam
Class 390 DTG – Discontinued (Only needed for certain scenarios)
Class 150/1*
Class 170 Pack – Steam
Class 325 Pack – Steam
Class 66 Pack02 – Steam
Class66Pack03 – Steam
Class 68 Pack – Steam
Class 56 Sectors – Steam
Class 92 – Steam
Class 92 – Steam

Class 150/2 Pack – AP
Class 156 Pack – AP
Class 319 Vol 1 – AP
Class 37 Pack01 – AP
Class 90 Pack02 (Freightliner) – AP
Class 90 Pack – AP
FSA/FTA Wagons – AP
JXA/POA Wagons – AP
JNA-C Wagons – AP
HHA Wagons – AP
HKA/JMA Wagons – AP
JPA Wagon Pack – AP

Class 185 by Jake Fuller (Latest Version) – ATS

Class 220/221 Voyager – Just Trains (Updated Version)
Class 60 and AP Sound pack with Extra Stock installed
IPA Wagons – Just Trains
FNA Wagons – Just Trains

Class 350 Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack*
Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 170 Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 175 Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack* – AP
Class 56 Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 66 Enhancement Pack – AP
Class 68 Enhancement Pack – AP

Class 319/325 Sound Pack (For the BodgeIt Reskin)
Class 390 SP for the DTG 390

Class 92 Sound Pack – AP


Class 390 BH Reskins Pack – ATS
Class 325 Royal Mail BodgeItTMD reskin – ATS
Class 66 LED Headlights – ATS
Class 390 Virgin Reskin – DPSimulations


Weather Enhancement Pack – AP

I highly recommend having this pack installed to get the intended immersion in the scenarios.

0 out of 5