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U-Bahn Frankfurt II for Train Simulator has been developed specifically for Train Simulator 2019, with authentic and beautifully modelled trains to drive along nine lines in urban, underground and semi-rural environments.

U4 and U3 train types are included along with the U5. The comprehensive signalling system, atmospheric lighting, passengers occupying the carriages, great looking textures and 3D vegetation along with ambient sounds are all ready for you to experience in the 24 interesting scenarios!

U-Bahn Frankfurt II is a detailed expansion for Train Simulator 2019 featuring the U3, U4 and U5 trains and over 65 kilometres of track covering lines U1 to U9 of the Frankfurt U-Bahn. The atmospheric  lighting, authentic textures and 3D vegetation are ready for you to experience in the included 24 scenarios.

87 stations, of which 27 are under ground, are modelled and this add-on includes beautifully crafted trains featuring an authentic advanced operations system and the integrated on-board IBIS information system which handles the interior displays, announcements and exterior destination displays in the U5-25 (bi-directional unit) / U5-50 (single-directional unit), U4 (bi-directional) unit and U3 (bi-directional) unit.

U-Bahn Frankfurt II features an authentic signalling system, custom sounds, extensive custom objects throughout and detailed urban, underground and semi-rural environments. Twenty four Standard scenarios are provided.

U-Bahn Frankfurt II requires NO additional content to function correctly.

Features summary

  • U3, U4 and U5 train types
  • Authentic train physics and sounds
  • Comprehensive signalling system
  • U5 line allows high-floor trains
  • Passengers in the carriages
  • Pantograph lowers in the underground sections
  • Authentic lighting on underground platforms
  • Realistic textures for buildings, tunnels, tracks and platforms
  • Great looking 3D vegetation
  • Low-floor S-Wagen AI tram
  • Ambient sounds in the city, stations, woods and fields
  • IBIS announcements
  • 24 scenarios with different driveable trains and numerous AI trains

See the Detailed Description section below for more information!


  • 9 lines – U1 to U9 and the Dornbusch-Eckenheimer Landstrasse connecting line service (not passenger)
  • Total route length – 65 kilometres approx.
  • 87 stations (27 underground)
  • Highly detailed urban, underground and semi-rural environments
  • Includes 24 Standard scenarios
  • Quick Drive enabled
  • Authentic signalling system
  • Custom sounds and IBIS system really add to the atmosphere
  • Numerous custom objects


U5-25 (bi-directional unit) and U5-50 (single-directional unit) are included as well as custom models of the U4 and U3 trains, both of which are bi-directional units.

Each U5 train consists of two permanently coupled cars forming a unit. The U5-50 trains only have one cab, thus they can only be operated with at least one other U5-50 train.

Unit combinations


  • U5-25 x1
  • U5-25 x2
  • U5-25 x3
  • U5-50 x 1
  • U5-50 x1 + U5-25 x1
  • U5-50 x1 +U5-25 x2
  • U5-50 x2


  • U4 x1
  • U4 x2
  • U4 x3
  • U4 x4

U4 and U5 combined

  • U4 x1 + U5-25 x1
  • U4 x2 + U5-25 x1
  • U4 x1 + U5-50 x1
  • U5-25 x1 + U4 x1
  • U5-25 x1 + U4 x2
  • U5-50 x1 + U4 x1


  • U3 x1
  • U3 x2
  • U3 x3
  • U3 x4

U3 with old livery (80s – late 90s)

  • U3 x1 beige/orange
  • U3 x2  beige/orange
  • U3 x3  beige/orange
  • U3 x4  beige/orange


  • Real train activation process
  • Realistic driving operations
  • Door control
  • Operating integrated on-board IBIS information system that will set the external and internal passenger displays
  • Turn and alarm lights
  • Animated exterior
  • Detailed interior
  • Authentic sounds
  • Flashing hazard lights


English colour PDF manuals are included, with route information, line map, signalling information, descriptions of train controls and a driving tutorial.


  • Oberursel Hohemark
  • Waldlust
  • Rosen-Gartchen
  • Kupferhammer
  • Glocknerwiese
  • Lahnstrasse
  • Oberursel Altstadt
  • Oberursel Stadtmitte
  • Oberursel Bf.
  • Bommersheim
  • Weisskirchen Ost
  • Niederursel
  • Uni Campus Riedberg
  • Riedberg
  • Kalbach
  • Bonames Mitte
  • Nieder-Eschbach
  • Ober-Eschbach
  • Bad Homburg Gonzenheim
  • Riedwiese/Mertonviertel
  • Sandelmuhle
  • Heddernheim
  • Zeilweg
  • Wiesenau
  • Heddernheimer Landstr.
  • Nordwestzentrum
  • Romerstadt
  • Niddapark
  • Ginnheim
  • Weisser Stein
  • Lindenbaum
  • Hugelstr.
  • Fritz-Tarnow-Str.
  • Dornbusch
  • Miquel-/Adickesallee/Polizeiprasidium
  • Holzhausenstrasse
  • Gruneburgweg
  • Eschenheimer Tor
  • Hauptwache
  • Alte Oper
  • Westend
  • Bockenheimer Warte
  • Leipziger Str.
  • Kirchplatz
  • Industriehof
  • Gr. Nelkenstrasse
  • Hausen
  • Fischstein
  • Hausener Weg
  • Stephan-Heise-Str.
  • Friedhof Westhausen
  • Praunheim Heerstrase
  • Festhalle/Messe
  • Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz
  • Schweizer Platz
  • Sudbahnhof
  • Dom/Romer
  • Konstablerwache
  • Merianplatz
  • Hohenstr.
  • Bornheim Mitte
  • Bornheim Seckbacher Str.
  • Zoo
  • Ostbanhof
  • Habsburger Allee
  • Parlamentsplatz
  • Eissporthalle/Festplatz
  • Johanna-Tesch-Platz
  • Schafflestr.
  • Gwinnerstr.
  • Krupstr.
  • Hessen-Center
  • Enkheim
  • Musterschule
  • Glauburgstrasse
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
  • Hauptfriedhof
  • Neuer Jüdischer Friedhof
  • Eckenheimer Landstrasse/ Marbachweg
  • Schwabstrasse
  • Marbachweg / Sozialzentrum
  • Giessener Strasse
  • Theobald-Ziegler-Strasse
  • Ronneburgstrasse
  • Sigmund-Freud-Strasse
  • Preungesheim


Standard scenarios

U1 Ginnheim to Südbahnhof
U4 and U5 train (28 minutes)

U1 Südbahnhof to Ginnheim
U4 train (28 minutes)

U2 Gonzenheim to Südbahnhof
U4 train (33 minutes)

U2 Südbahnhof to Gonzenheim
U5 train (33 minutes)

U3 Hohemark to Südbahnhof
U4 train (45 minutes)

U3 Südbahnhof to Hohemark
U4 and U5 trains (45 minutes)

U4 Bockenheimer Warte to Enkheim
U5 train (25 minutes)

U4 Bockenheimer Warte to Enkheim (Typ U3)
U3 train (25 minutes)

U4 Enkheim to Bockenheimer Warte
U5 train (25 minutes)

U4 Enkheim to Bockenheimer Warte (Typ U3)
U3 train (25 minutes)

U5 Hauptbahnhof to Preungesheim
U5 train (23 minutes)

U5 Preungesheim to Hauptbahnhof
U5 train (23 minutes)

U6 Heerstrasse to Ostbahnhof
U5 train (22 minutes)

U6 Heerstrasse to Ostbahnhof (Typ U3)
U3 train (22 minutes)

U6 Ostbahnhof to Heerstrasse
U5 train (22 minutes)

U6 Ostbahnhof to Heerstrasse (Typ U3)
U3 train (22 minutes)

U7 Enkheim to Hausen
U5 train (29 minutes)

U7 Enkheim to Hausen (Typ U3)
U3 train (29 minutes)

U7 Hausen to Enkheim
U5 train (29 minutes)

U7 Hausen to Enkheim (Typ U3)
U3 train (29 minutes)

U8 Riedberg to Südbahnhof
U5 train (28 minutes)

U8 Südbahnhof to Riedberg
Mixed consist with U5 and U4 trains (28 minutes)

U9 Ginnheim to Nieder-Eschbach
U4 train (22 minutes)

U9 Nieder-Eschbach to Ginnheim
U5 train (22 minutes)

Quick Drive for all lines (U1-U9)

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2019
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 512MB RAM (1GB for Windows Vista / 7 / 8/ 10)
  • 512MB graphics card
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 1.2GB hard drive space
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