ATS Class 700 Scenario Pack


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Thameslink as we know it today has it’s roots in the mid-1980’s,
when British Rail worked to re-establish a north-south route
across London, linking Bedford in the north with stations in
South London and Brighton in the south. Services commenced
in 1988 and ever since have grown to become a mainstay of
the Capital’s transport network.
In terms of the Class 700, the ‘Thameslink Programme’ of the
mid 2000’s envisaged an extended network and a new fleet of
dual-voltage trains to cover this and replace existing fleets of
rolling stock. After numerous delays, orders were placed in 2011,
with construction carried out by Siemens in Germany. The
Thameslink ‘Desiro City’ fleet entered service between 2016
and 2019, comprising of 60 eight-car and 55 twelve-car unit,
bring much needed extra capacity to the network.
The introduction of the 700 into Train Simulator Classic was
much anticipated. This scenario pack consists of seven standard
scenarios and includes nine hours of driving time with the
Armstrong Powerhouse enhanced 700 over the Kings Cross to
Kings Lynn route, which covers one of the northern branches of
the Thameslink network.
The era covered is present day, set in 2021 and scenarios cover
a range of duties, ranging from stopping services through to
express and ECS workings. All scenarios have been compiled
using actual timetables and diagram information, hopefully to
give you an engaging and immersive experience.


Alan Thomson Sim:

Kings Lynn to Kings Cross

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[ATS-700] 1C93 2254 Cambridge – London Kings Cross
Track Covered = Cambridge to Kings Cross
Traction = Thameslink 700119
Year = 2021

Duration = 75 Minutes

[ATS-700] 1T19 0947 Ely – London Kings Cross
Track Covered = Ely to Kings Cross
Traction = Thameslink 700041
Year = 2021
Duration = 90 Minutes
[ATS-700] 2C04 0728 London Kings Cross – Cambridge
Track Covered = Kings Cross to Cambridge
Traction = Thameslink 700057
Year = 2021
Duration = 100 Minutes
[ATS-700] 2R01 0458 Letchworth – London Kings Cross
Track Covered = Letchworth C.S. to Kings Cross
Traction = Thameslink 700056
Year = 2021
Duration = 85 Minutes
[ATS-700] 2T92 1620 Cambridge – Kings Lynn
Track Covered = Cambridge to Kings Lynn
Traction = Thameslink 700047
Year = 2021
Duration = 60 Minutes
[ATS-700] 5V98 1232 Hornsey Depot – Welwyn C.S.
Track Covered = Hornsey to Welwyn Garden City
Traction = Thameslink 700033
Year = 2021
Duration = 65 Minutes
[ATS-700] 9S34 1342 Brighton – Cambridge
Track Covered = Finsbury Park to Cambridge
Traction = Thameslink 700105
Year = 2021
Duration = 75 Minutes

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