South Western Mainline summer 2002 scenario pack.

South Western Mainline summer 2002 scenario pack.

13th June 2020 0 By James Linsell

JL Scenarios – South Western Mainline summer 2002. V1.1

Welcome to my first scenario pack! I hope you enjoy driving these scenarios as much as the many hours that I have put into creating them.

CHANGELOG – 13/06/2020 1444. Fixed a potential issue identified on scenario IB20 whereby occasionally a 442 service would not start causing issues. If you have witnessed an AI collision at Brockenhurst please redownload V1.1.

There are three scenarios for you to drive. Your service and all AI services are based upon real timetables, however fictional “delays” may have been engineered for a couple to provide a challenge or two! 😀 I’ve tried to match real headcodes on the slammers, made sure units are facing the correct direction, drivers and non drivers are where they should be and that AI stop at correct stop car markers… any errors or omissions please let me know!

1) 1B20 – 0714 Bournemouth to London Waterloo.
It’s a rainy June morning. Take your 8 car CIG unit on a semi-fast service to London Waterloo. You’ll be driving as far as Southampton Central today.

2) 1O26 – 1627 Manchester Piccadilly to Bournemouth.
On a clear Friday evening in June 2002, you take charge of 1O26 Manchester Piccadilly to Bournemouth, you’ll take over at Southampton Central. Time to enjoy the Valenta scream once again! As the sun sets on a pleasant evening, what could possibly go wrong?

3) 2B39 – 1555 Southampton Central to Bournemouth.
On a sunny Friday afternoon in May 2002, take your 5 car South West Trains class 442 on a stopping service to Bournemouth.


Copy the “Content” folder to your main railworks directory. That’s it! All routes should now be found under the Standard scenario tab for the South Western Mainline – Southampton to Bournemouth tab

REQUIREMENTS (Non-essential “eye candy” requirements are marked with an X, you can still play the scenario if you get a missing consist message at the start by pressing F2 then cancel)

DTG Class 421
DTG Class 423
DTG Class 442
DTG/MKS Class 460 (for the 73 loco)
DTG Virgin first generation pack including HST and 47 (X) (discontinued)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 442 sound pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 170 enhancement pack and dependencies (X)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 cummins enhancement pack and dependencies
Armstrong Powerhouse HST Valenta enhancement pack and dependencies
Just Trains Voyager Advanced (X)
DTG Freightliner class 66 V2 (X)
DTG European Loco and asset pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack (X)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement Pack (X)

Richard Fletcher (RF72) Connex 421 reskin (DPSimulation) (X)
James Ivell “Class 442: South West Trains” reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
James Ivell “Class 421 South West Trains” reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
James Ivell “Class 423 South West Trains” reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
James Ivell “HST: Branded Virgin West coast & Cross Country Pack” (Alan Thomson Sim)
James Ivell “HST Improvement Patch”
Vulcan Productions “VP Class 73 Pack​” (Vulcan Productions)
Leander “Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists” (Alan Thomson Sim)

Thanks to all developers, especially freeware who have made the items possible for me to make these scenarios for you to play. Thank you for downloading.