Newport to Bristol TM 1997

Newport to Bristol TM 1997

14th June 2020 0 By Elliott Holley

By the late 1990s, locomotive-hauled trains had become a rarity on most of the network. However, there were some exceptions. You have been assigned to drive a special rail enthusiast charter train from Newport to Bristol Temple Meads. Year: 1997.

At this time, much of the railway’s stock was still painted in the British Rail era liveries, despite the gradual privatisation of the railways since 1993. However, some locomotives and trains were starting to receive the new privatised colours. At Newport, class 37s could often be found in EWS livery around this time.


You must have the South Wales Coastal BR Sectors v1.3 route installed to play this scenario. This can be found here:

You can also find it in the Steam workshop. You’ll also need the DTG South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea Route (discontinued).

There is a lot of AI in this scenario, you can find these listed below. Items 1, 6 and 7 are necessary for the player train to form correctly.

Armstrong Powerhouse:
1) AP class 37 pack volume 1
2) AP class 31 enhancement pack
3) AP HST Valenta
4) AP class 150/2
5) AP wagons HAA
6) AP Mark 1 pack
7) AP Mark 2 pack
8) AP class 158 (cummins pack)

DTG / Just Trains
9) Just Trains Class 60

10) Class 47 RES / RF Grey (Kuju – included in the Great Western Mainline route, and/or the Liverpool to Manchester route)