1D17 14:03 London Kings X – Leeds

1D17 14:03 London Kings X – Leeds

15th June 2020 4 By mattyjamesss87

Its the Saturday before Christmas and as an early christmas present you are treated to a double headed 91. You are tasked with taking 91111 and a DIT 91124 from London Kings X on 1D17 to Leeds calling at Stevenage and Peterborough. (It was actually 106 that was DIT but due to the reskin pack consisting of the “Great exhibition of the north” vinyls i swapped it with a plain liveried 91) It’s also the final day of the LNER HST Farewell so watch out for that!
Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment if there are any problems and feedback is appreciated!

Due to there not being a dead 91 available in train sim (not that i am aware of) you essentially have twice the horspower meaning you will arive at destinations earlier than booked and will be required to wait a while. It is best to try and drive it as a single 91 and not to rapidly accelerate up to speeds if you don’t want to sit at stations for a while.

ECML London – Peterborough
Class 170 and / or Edinburgh – Glasgow
Class 91 InterCity
Class 180

Class 43 MTU EP
Class 91 / MK4 EP
Class 168/170/171 EP
Class 365 EP
Track EP
Weather EP

IC225 VTEC / LNER Reskin
Class 43 Enhancements for MTU Liveries V1.1
LNER Azuma 800 Reskin
HST Improvement Patch