(RP) The Sixties Marches Charter

(RP) The Sixties Marches Charter

3rd May 2020 0 By Robin Price

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Route needed
SouthWestern Expressway+Reading to Pewsey Extension

2hrs 10mins

Class 205




Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 EP+DTG CLASS 159
Class 43 MTU+ MajorWalesDesign Class 43 Revamp pack
Mk1 pack
Class 66 Freightliner (L2)
Class 150 Pack 01
Class 205
Weather Pack

AP Waggonz

Just Trains
Class 60

TEA wagon pack 01

Class 166 Gwr
Class 800+DTG Class 801

Tornado Pack 01
Class 66 Pack 02

Good morning driver. We have a special task for you today. Seing as its a saturday and there are no stone trains to/from the Mendips, You have been tasked to pilot and drive the Hastings Diesel Railtour, The Sixties Marches Charter from Hastings to Hereford with a 6car class 205 Hastings unit. (The closest I could get to the actual Railroad Hastings unit) The direct line is closed around Didcot as there is engineering works to put up the newly electrification wires on the Gwr network. So today everything is diverted via the Berks&Hants. You have two stops, Newbury and Woodborough. We pick this up at Reading and drive as far as Dr Days Junction. There is a signal failure at Heywood Road Junction. Just tab it and it will be fine. MAX SPEED IS 75MPH. Feel free to leave any comments good or bad, and most inportantly, Enjoy.