Nuggets’ 2R22 Paddington-Reading (AP Class 387)

Nuggets’ 2R22 Paddington-Reading (AP Class 387)

17th August 2021 6 By Nuggets

Hello, this scenario is for Oliver’s Western Mainlines Electrification Project. You will be driving a class 387 based on some services in the 2018 timetable (at a time when crossrail wasn’t running yet) and stopping at the majority of the stations on the way to Reading, from Paddington. This scenario is intended to last for about 60 minutes and I hope you enjoy.

Requirements (please note most requirements come with their own requirements. Things which I have marked with a * are not essential for the scenario):

AP Class 377/379/387 EP
AP Class 43 MTU EP
European Loco and asset pack
Superalbs class 166 GWR reskin
Superalbs class 800 & 802
Class 43 Enhancements for MTU Liveries
James Ivell Mk3 Sliding door pack
HST Improvement Patch
AP Sky and Weather EP
AP Class 450/444 EP*
Class 360 Heathrow Connect*
Class 360 Heathrow Express*
HST: Great Western Railway ‘Welshman’ (by Clowes)*
AP Class 455 EP Vol 2*
JT S8 advanced*
Class 450 SWR Reskin*

Please let me know if I missed anything out and I hope you enjoy!