3K19 0457 Reading Traincare Depot to Newbury

3K19 0457 Reading Traincare Depot to Newbury

17th August 2021 0 By Adam Forsyth

You are in charge of an early morning ECS from Reading to Newbury and entering service at Newbury for an all-stations service to Reading. Your calling points are Newbury Racecourse, Thatcham, Midgham, Aldermaston, Theale, Reading West and Reading where the train terminates. Traction is one of the hired Class 387s from C2C to GWR to cover for Class 800 shortages. Traffic is light as it is early morning. Enjoy 😊


Alan Thomson Sim Barks and Hants to Penzance route

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 387 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 450 Enhancement Pack

Superalbs Class 800 GWR Reskin

This scenario has been fully tested however should any issues arise, please inform me and I will try my best to sort them. Feedback is welcome.