[KTL] 2F27 16:52 Paignton – Exmouth

[KTL] 2F27 16:52 Paignton – Exmouth

4th March 2023 4 By KTL Rob Powell

UPDATE: 05/03/2023
Reuploaded both versions to correct the GWR catle set and XC HST to have drivers in the lead power cars insteadof the rear.

PLEASE NOTE – This Scenario will not work on V2 of BHBP it requires V3 (listed as V2.1 in game)

My name is Robert Powell and I have been an avid user of TSC since its inception as railworks, although if I’m honest with myself, my interest really kicked into 6th gear at some point in 2016 whilst I was watching Matt Peddlesden stream on his currently semi mothballed MPTV channel. I have been creating content for TSC since 2016 although you would be very hard pressed to find any of my older content as I sadly removed it due to feeling it wasn’t up to my modern standards.

This scenario, uses the timetable from the 25/02/2023 based on information gleaned from RTT. I have tried to number stock correctly where possible, and have ensured that the player train is at least a GWR 158. (Although it may have been out and about on other duties during the day in question.)

This scenario came about as part of my want to test out the excellent Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack V2 which I highly recommend. This scenario has 2 versions, one that makes use of one of Richards brilliant long slow dynamic transitions (over 100 minutes). And the other that uses a default DTG weather pattern. The scenario lasts approximately 100 minutes.

The requirements for this scenario are quite extensive to try to provide the best experience possible.

For scenario QOL purposes I have made an edit my end to the normal portal supplied with the core of the game to enable it to be placed manually in the scenario editor. This means that you will have custom portals in this scenario without me having to supply a scenario placeable portal (which would just be a copy of this asset). This has been achieved by editing the .bin file to allow placement in the scenario editor whilst maintaining maximum compatibility. I make extensive use of these ‘extra’ portals to remove AI and ‘blocker’ locomotives (where use of the Signal EP was not possible due to the use of a JT signal such as at Paignton.)

Now on to the story:

Earlier in the day, 166220 was declared a failure at Exeter St Davids whilst running a ‘Devon Metro’ service between Exmouth and Paignton. Barely able to shunt it into the T.M.D at St Davids, control were left with a quandary. Cancel this units services for the rest of the day having a knock on effect on other services on the Metro on a match day, or press gang the only available unit into service to cover for 220. Realizing that on a match day at St James Park the last thing they wanted was to cancel services, control chose the latter. You pick up this unit, a 158, incredibly ill suited for Metro services, at Paignton preparing to depart for Exmouth.


Routes (freeware):
BHBP V2 (and all its requirements).

Routes (payware):
DTG ECML London – Peterborough (for the class 800).

General (payware):
AP Signal Enhancement Pack.
AP Wether Pack V3 (for the weather pack version only. If you do not own the weather pack download the DEFAULT version)

Rolling Stock (payware):
AP Class 150/2 Pack.
AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 Val Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement pack.
AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 800 Enhancement Pack.
DTG Class 159 NSE (Steam)
DTG European Assets Pack (Steam – available with many routes).
Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019

Rolling Stock (freeware):
Major Wales Design Class 43 Revamp Pack.
Class 166 Great Western Railway (scroll down or use Ctrl+f to locate).

Installation Instructions:
Navigate to where you have downloaded the zip file.
Open the zip file and drag the content folder over to your Railworks folder.
Open Train simulator and clear the cache (this is good practice).