[ir] shrewsbury-birmingham new street

[ir] shrewsbury-birmingham new street

21st December 2020 9 By isaac ridge

hello and welcome to this scenario. today it see’s you driving from outside wolverhampton to birmingham new street. your stops are as follows, wolverhampton,sandwell and dudley and finally birmingham new street.


ap:170ep,350ep,390sp,158 perkins ep,weather ep

steam:170,portsmouth direct new,wcml south dtg,bedford-st pancreas

ats:missing link phase 3,penine pacer, manchester vic-huddersfield,clowes wmr 170

mjw:390 revamp

tsted:323 livery pack

installation instructions: simly place the downloaded file into your railworks folder

any problems message in comments and ill try my best to sort them out. enjoy

noticed a mistake in the manual. put jamesivell wmr 170 pack, instead of clowes. changed in description here but not in amnual. apologise for this