InterCity sleeper – 1S77 23:10 (SUN) Euston – Edinburgh (1991)

InterCity sleeper – 1S77 23:10 (SUN) Euston – Edinburgh (1991)

28th June 2023 3 By Harrebarrevarre

Take over the northbound sleeper and Motorail service at Wolverhampton and drive to Preston in the early hours of a Monday in 1991. 1S77 tonight has been routed through Birmingham via Bescot due to engineering works on the Trent Valley line and at New Street. This time of day, the WCML is calm apart from the sleepers and parcels.

100 minute scenario for the WCML Midlands & North West route (phase 4). Date: 13th of July 1991. Weather: Mist.

NOTE: When this scenario is set, the booked class 90 would often be changed to a class 87, so I’ve added a second version of the scenario where you drive a class 87 instead, if you feel like keeping busy with the tap changer. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 90+DVT
• Class 87
• Class 37 Vol. 1
• Class 31 EP*
• Class 86 EP*
• Mk1 Coach Pack
• Mk2d-f Coach Pack
• Mk3a-b Coach Pack
• BAA/BZA Wagons (just the extra stock for TPO wagons)
• BodgeItTMD’s Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack*
Vulcan Productions
• Motorail GUVs*
• BR Mark 3 SLEP Pack*